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The history of mass media can be said that started from the ancient Greece.

What evidence is there to support this statement?" By Mass Media I mean 'the whole body of media reaching large numbers of public' the major ones being newspapers, television and the Internet.

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I will explain the three main theories relating to the impact of mass media on the public.

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Mass media provides the public the means for obtaining information, and knowledge about various aspects of life such as the economy, foreign affairs, weather, entertainment, crimes, and last but not least, politics.

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A flotilla of highly entertaining novels and films draw upon the idea of a tyrannical government secretly controlling zombie-like citizens, using the mass media as its weapon....

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The daily newspapers have been a part of the United States for some time, but during 1880’s and 1890’s reports such as Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst began to transform the newspaper in order for it to become the first major stepping stone in mass media.

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In this essay I will discuss the influence that Mass Media has in the general public and give the evidence to support the statement "People are more influenced by mass media than they think. "....

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As we are been shower with tons of advertising, information and other sort of materials by the different types of Mass Media has influence in our everyday life styles.

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In today's world people cannot live without Mass Media and with the help of technological improvements to send messages to the masses is becoming easier and easier.