The Impact Of The Internet On Communication Essay

The Internet is the new American frontier due to the new technologies is radically transforming almost every aspect of how we communicate and with whom, as well as just about any dimension of our lives.

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The development of this communication with the passage of time, as one part of technology development, has led to many of the greatest challenges facing societies worldwide today .This real challenge which resulted from the ways in which mobile communications have become easily affordable and accessible mean that is not a temporary phenomenon which will disappear.

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The most important type of communication is interpersonal communication.

People get out of the habit of nonverbal communication and rhetorical sophistry, like irony or sarcasm, are not adequate to communicate through the internet.

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More and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than being face to face.

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With its advantages and disadvantages, the internet has significant effects on communicating, teaching and learning. Thus, both teachers and learners should have the chance of internet accessibility, experience and familiarity with its functions in educational life. For this purpose, before using the internet in second language learning and teaching activities, teachers and learners should be instructed. This is a must to use it in language classrooms efficiently. On the other hand, it should be known that the internet is not sufficient itself to teach and learn a second language. In other words, it cannot include all teaching and learning activities and be replaced the real teaching and learning environment, such as language classroom and real-life communication. As a result, it is only a tool for educational activities. However, it can be implicated that the research has not concluded on the issue yet. Thus, research issue should focus on a great variety of the internet use in language learning and teaching such as attitudes of learners and teachers towards it, individual differences on using the internet, effective ways to use it, the suitability of educational and instructive purposes and the effects on teaching and learning. As a final point, it is possible to say that technology is not a purpose but only a tool for all humanistic necessities.

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Communication is an important tool for social change. It allows people to exchange their thoughts and feelings with each other. Those who can communicate fluently, they find it much easier to develop in all aspects of life.

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Research activities show that there are some disadvantages of the internet use in second language learning. First, communication with native speakers affects reading skills defectively (Kern, 1995). This is also valid for listening, speaking and writing skills. Though it is a fact that the internet improves communicational and language skills, the significant point is that teachers and learners are not sometimes aware of why, how, whom and where they teach and learn. Second, though a mass of materials in the internet can be found, integration of the materials into second language curriculum is a potential difficulty. Unfortunately, internet use in language learning and teaching may be the waste of time if it does not depend on a language curriculum.