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As soon as you arrive in Pensacola, you must report to the International Military Training Division office (location is outlined in General Information Section under IMSO location and telephone numbers). Normally, you will be met at the airport by one of the International Military Student Officers. However, if someone does not meet you at the airport, you can receive more information at the airport's Uniformed Services Organization (USO) office. It will be necessary to travel to the Naval Air Station, and the best means to get there is to utilize the taxi service available outside the baggage claim area at the airport. Tell the driver you wish to go the Naval Air Station and if you are enlisted, you should ask to go to Barracks "E" for a room. If you are an officer, you should ask to go to the Bachelor's Officers Quarters (BOQ). Then check into the International Military Training Division office the next working day. It is important to have your Invitational Travel Order (ITO) available since this document will be necessary when you arrive at the Naval Air Station. Also, the ITO is a very important document during your entire stay in the United States -- always keep a copy of your ITO available.

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These custom and courtesies not only form the way a soldier acts upon his or her professional life but also his or her social life as a way of maintaining discipline.

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As the Army uses these to instill pride and discipline and soldiers both enlisted and commissioned officers because of the history of these customs they are pushed even today to be used by the newer soldiers and leaders.