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During those periods, the contributors to the magazine, in addition to numerous writers who exist only in tarnishing paper, are included such canonical writers as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mrs....

This essay will look and describe the differences between the magazines and why they are there.

The dilemma being faced by Mr Kerton and the Men's Health production team is one of ensuring the success of the magazine in a relatively young, dynamic and exciting environment in which there are no barriers to entry and new competitors are able to enter.

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These magazines’ initiative is to tell you how to dress, converse, love and manage your time like a woman who “has it all together”.

This magazine deals with variety of literary fields from short stories, poetry, and essays handle various tastes from belles-lettres to sentimental literature.

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They have also incorporated that the man is looking at the camera to give an extra diegetic gaze that makes the reader feel drawn towards the magazine.
My cover lines
When laying out where the content of my front cover will be, I will apply the rule of thirds to ensure my magazine looks professional and well put together.

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One way being that it “often provide[s] our first and only point of contact with the world out there.” If this is the case, magazines hold the responsibility of pushing messages, concerns, and situations in people’s faces.

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For example, the question “Will Your Child’s Concussions Make Him Dangerous?” on a medical journal versus a weekly social magazine would have a different meaning and effect to a mother/father, versus a childless man/woman.

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This will attract the audience I am targeting as it will be of interest to them and they will want to buy it to find out more.
This example magazine uses the main article character as the front image to immediately inform the readers who the main article is focused on in this issue.

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“Facts…are often messy, difficult to isolate, dependent on context and subject to interpretation” and within the magazine article, journalists acknowledge the complications while trying to provide as much information as possible.