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Comparing Short Stories In my essay I will be comparing the two short stories 'Lamb to the Slaughter' by Roald Dahl and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens.

I think Roald Dahl has written this story in amagnificent way.

Perceptions and music are two important factors in society. Perceptions have always played an important role in human being life. They contribute to the process of communication between people, in which the individuals share with others their understanding of the world. Music can play a similar role, communicating situations and emotions by sounds, words, and harmonies. For many of us, one or some songs let us to go back in our past, remembering precious moments or encouraging an action. One song that encourages Salvadorian people to fight, to work hard and never give up is The Blue Hat (El Sombrero Azul). There are two versions of this controversial Salvadorian song, one of them encourages people to be ready for battle. While the other adaptation, encourages them to rebuild our county.
The original version of The Blue Hat written by Ali Primera, in the 1980's, is a composition dedicated to the Salvadorian people. It belongs to the protest music category, which was very popular in Latin America during the '70s and '80s. There was a civil war in El Salvador during 1979 and 1993. At that time, the government thought that this song persuaded people to fight against them. The rhythm and the lyrics of this piece of music woke up the feeling of patriotism. It suggests protecting the country fighting against the intruders who were helping the government with the people's repression. The composer is, in some sense a sociologist of sound, using mass manipulation not only of emotions, but also of activity. He intends to present the song as a trigger for the angry of the Salvadorian who feel affected by those supposed invaders. Manipulation is and has been a characteristic of composers who write protest music.
The first version of The Blue Hat impresses the listeners with the strong cadence and the glorious sound of martial music. The guitar sound makes people feel strong and ready for the battle. That is the reason why this melody

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One of Dahl's more famous stories is "Lamb to the Slaughter".

Give me one or two sentences that explain HOW or WHY that proves you are correct about your theme and its development.

Read over your essay together, put everyone's name on it, and pass it in!

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Essay: "Lamb to the Slaughter"
Here's a sample introduction:

When it comes to female murderers, poison is usually the way they go - it's quiet, easy and doesn't involve brute strength.

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This lesson plan sees students analysing authorial intention in the short story Lamb to the Slaughter. The lesson objective is for students to understand how language is used to create tension, and explore the function of 'dramatic irony' as a literary technique.

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Also, the lamb goes to slaughter when she ..

The scenes are very different from on another and show different uses of language as Lamb to the slaughter uses 1900 text and The Signalman uses 20th Century text....

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It is easy to answer some hard questions such as what does DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) stand for. One who studies in microbiology gets that answer in one second. For some easy questions, where does your character and personality come from? it is hard to answer such easy questions. One needs more time to get the answer. Psychologists may be concerned about one's childhood period and family environment. The character and personality is under the control of inherited genes but also is influenced by the environment. It is generally believed that the influence came from a family member during the childhood period and would spread to adulthood. To make a good character and personality for children, a family member needs to be a good role model.
The essay "An American Childhood ? by Annie Dillard is a good example of how a family member has influence on the children. This essay expresses her idea about her mother when the author looks back at her young age. Children will copy his or her character from the nearest person around them and develop this process until they mature. Family members would be the biggest influence to young children. A young girl imitates her mother and a young boy imitates his father, respectively. From the essay, Dillard said a lot about her mother's character and emotion in many points. Her mother is a strong and independent woman. The author says, "She was an unstoppable force; she never let go ?(210). She means that her mother has strong energy to get something done and she never stops until it is accomplished. Her mother's character might differ from other ordinary women at the same time in the early 1960's. Her mother develops the seed of character and personality, which is the great impact and influence on her. For example, her mother questioned her about her assumption that Eisenhower would win the election. "How do you know? ?(210) her mother quest