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Go to the library and look at some past exam papers in your own subject area. Examine the essay titles or questions that they contain and make a note of the typical key words that they include. List the key words with their meanings and refer to this list if necessary when writing essays as part of your course work.

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How do we describe something that we have experienced to someone who has not?
We share a language with other speakers and often share the same understanding of words and phrases. However there are times when we see, hear, smell or feel something that requires us to describe it by using language creatively, even uniquely. One of these ways is to use . The simile lets us relate a known to an unknown, to compare the familiar with the unfamiliar.
How big was it? As big as a house?
How long did it take? It seemed like days ….

Some experiences are very hard for us to describe and pain is one example.
A doctor may ask what kind of pain we are experiencing in order to assess our needs. It might be useful to rate pain on a scale, not just in degrees of "ouch" but by the quality of the pain too.

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Group the following academic key words according to meaning by entering them into the boxes below. Then check your answers.

In these activities you will consider some general problems concerning the interpretation of essay titles, and then identify the precise meaning of some of the more commonly used key words in essay titles.

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In academic essays, the key word 'examine' means much more than simply describe. Academic writing at university level requires analysis as well as description. In this case, the student must decide what the different types of risk are, attempt to categorise and describe them, and compare and contrast them from different perspectives (e.g. benefits and drawbacks) so that the reader can fully understand the differences between them.

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You need to make use of background information surrounding that claim or topic. : A discussion of capital punishment would mention some of the history of the practice, describe how it is carried out, and describe (and perhaps offer some evaluation) of arguments for and against the practice.Distinguish: Closely related to , this involves two or more things (actions, ideas, etc.) in such a way that highlights their differences.Explain: (See , above.)Evaluate: An evaluation is similar in complexity to a , the primary difference being that evaluations will make use of criteria for deciding whether one thing is better or worse than another, whether some practice is morally permissible, and so on.: An evaluation of capital punishment would involve a discussion of the practice, and then an assessment of whether it is effective (in deterring would be criminals, in meting out justice, in making wise use of public resources), or whether it is moral, or whether it is constitutional, or some combination of these and others.Identify: Identification typically involves little more than the ability to pick-out some X from a line-up of individuals; in other words, it involves recognition skills.

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These key words require the student to compare and contrast different points of view in a critical way, and this means giving a well-argued opinion on the merits or faults of the topic under discussion.