The modernistic writers always wrote in a very formal defined form.

"To some Post Modernism is an excuse to pile together oodles of wild and crazy decor, to others it is another example of the weakness of standards and values....

These ideas shifted the way people thought and acted, and sparked new ways of writing.

This interest in the laboring poor as subject matter had special meaning for the mid-19th-century French audience. In 1848, workers rebelled against the bourgeois leaders of the newly formed Second Republic and against the rest of the nation, demanding better working conditions and a redistribution of property. The army quelled the revolution in three days, but not without long-lasting trauma and significant loss of life. The Revolution of 1848 thus raised the issue of labor as a national concern and placed workers on center stage, both literally and symbolically.


It is a movement in the arts which purpose is to produce art different traditional forms.

Although French artists took the lead in promoting Realism and the notion that artists should depict the realities of modern life, this movement was not exclusively French. The Realist foundation in epiricism and positivism appealed to artists in many countries, including Germany, Russia, England, and the United States. Realism emerged in a variety of forms and places and was established by the end of the century.

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Therefore, it is useful to clarify the causes, characteristics, and effects of each movement, comparing their similarities and contrasting their differences....

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Of great importance for the later history of art, Realism also involved a reconsideration of the painters' primary goals and departed from the established priority on illusionism. Accordingly, Realists called attention to painting as a pictorial construction by the ways they applied pigments or manipulated composition.

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Realism developed as an artistic movement in mid-19th-century France. Its leading proponent was Gustave Courbet, whose paintings of menial labor and ordinary people exemplify his belief that painters should depict only their own time and place. Honore Daumier boldly confronted authority with his satirical lithographs commenting on the plight of the working class. Edouard Manet shocked the public with his paintings featuring promiscuous women and rough brush strokes, which emphasized the flatness of the painting surface, paving the way for modern abstract art.

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As Gatsby realizes that the glamour of the parties and idealness of his love for Daisy is unworthy and foolish, the dream is shattered and taken away from him....

“If the artist only reproduces superficial features as photography ..

Like many movements in history there is a rise and fall, the meaning of modernism in the Latin Americas enhances our understanding of humanities because it gives us a better understanding of human experiences at the time and it gives the viewer a sense of connection with those who have come before them.