The 'crash' led us into the Great Depression.

With the Smoot-Hawley Tariff in place, deflation, everything imaginable bought on credit, and unreliable loans, everything adding up eventually led to the stock market crashing and the Great Depression....

It helped guide us through the Great Depression, World War II and the post-war recession.

They suggest that the number of women in the workforce increased as more young wives stayed working until the birth of their first child and older women entered the workforce in response to depression based deprivation....

Each of these reasons probably played a part in the Great Depression.

The Great Depression lasted for around 10 years from 1929 to 1939.

Events such as the stock market crash, an economy suffering from being inflated, overuse of credit, a farming crisis, and other events led America to the economic downfall known as the Great Depression.

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Even though people are taught about the Great Depression, I personally think that a lot of people do not understand the severity that it caused and the livelihoods that it forever changed.

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This fluctuation of values was seen over the course of the great depression as tragedy befell millions of Americans who lost everything that they had spent most of their lives striving towards.

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The Great Depression was not something that appeared out of thin air; it grew over time like a tumor and eventually plagued America with an excessive disease....

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They argue that disapproval of married women working for wages during the Depression was expressed not only by those in position of power, such as politicians, but also by the general public and labour unions.