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What has happened during the past generation, as Columbus’s heroic image has been tarnished, is not new facts arising, but looking at the facts objectively. The picture that then emerged can rightly be called horrifying. Indeed, what did our ancestors cheer about? Yet, we still have a national holiday called Columbus Day.

The rich lived a lifestyle of luxury and indulgence by exploiting the labor of the poor.

Francis Eugene Vidocq, a “Holmes” in the making, with an utter disregard for the official police, an ability to disguise himself, and clever plans to catch the criminals accompanied by an excellent knowledge of the criminal underworld....

I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call,

This distinctive genre of literature soon developed into a 19th century phenomenon.

Not only is Curran looking to further the understanding of middle-class Victorian values but she is also trying to argue against the historical view that middle class women were cared for if widowed through either family generosity, their late husbands life insurance, or remarriage....

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Dr. Green gives off the aura of a university volleyball team captain — warm, competent, no frills, no makeup, nothing hidden. Last year, she took bridge lessons with a group of octogenarians at the local seniors’ center and now plays weekly.

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The second voyage was not the three-ship excursion into the unknown of the previous year. A full-scale invasion was planned, with 17 ships and well more over one thousand men, including soldiers, a troop of cavalry lancers, six priests to convert the heathens, man-eating dogs (those infamous dogs of war), and not one woman. It was no friendly expedition, going to dance and sing with the natives and ask politely if they had gold. It appears that the second expedition was partly financed by wealth seized from Jews, as on May 23rd, 1493, the day that the second voyage was authorized, the sovereigns issued royal orders stepping up Jewish wealth confiscation. Not many, if any, of those gentle Caribbean islanders had any idea what the future held, but history was about to be made.

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This category also covers the rich history of India, the legendary trading post of Timbuktu, the rest of the continent of Africa, and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

In the Americas, you’ll hear the stories of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Cherokee.

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The quota was impossible to meet. The natives had to stop growing food and taking care of themselves to try mining gold. They began starving, falling prey to European disease, and all manner of horror, even if the Spanish did not murder them for “sport.” The natives fled as far as they could go: across the island, up into the hills, even to other islands. There was no permanent escape, except by death. Mothers began killing their children before they took their own lives. The Tainos had mass suicides by jumping from cliffs and poisoning themselves, yet the Spanish killed far more, and in ingenious ways. Guacanagarí, Europe’s first ally in the New World, was eventually driven into the mountains himself by the Spanish depredations, dying alone, wandering the mountains of his ruined world.