I want my students to take responsibility for their learning.

David Sadker, author of "Teachers Schools and Society", defines the progressive educator as someone who, "(…) facilitates learning by helping students formulate meaningful questions and devise strategies to answer those questions", while social reconstructionism emphasizes cooperation, less conflict, and a better quality of life.

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Furthermore, at-risk students usually struggle, lose interest and motivation and often become embarrassed or depressed by failure when taught under these methods....

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Your students will learn to write the five-paragraph essay using one simple, basic format.

This sampling of writing includes some new, and some old essays, but each essay demonstrates the level of commitment and dedication students have taken in an effort to learn about the antique & collectible community as a whole.

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The philosophy employed by a teacher will create who they are in their teaching methods and how well student will be able to learn and apply the subject area to their lives....

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A teacher has to be in control of every situation plus at the same time treat his/her students with kindness, understanding, and as an equal individual in society.

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I chose this question because I plan to teach in an urban school district, and I know urban students often have a difficult time learning to speak Standard English.

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approach teachers will clearly state to students the defined objectives, give effective types of instruction, and lastly teachers will assess the students....

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Education should provide provide an opportunity for students to develop a strong sense of creativity, a high self esteem, and a life long respect for learning.

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Generally, the traditional way of teaching involves a teacher-commanding class which teacher spent half class on the certain grammar points and using exercises to evaluate whether students fully master them.