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Exposition is explanatory communication, whether in speech or writing. So an expository essay is an organized piece of prose which explains a specific topic or set of ideas to a defined audience. Expository essays include those written for exams or for standardized tests like the SAT. They may also be assignments composed outside of class.

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BRAINSTORM! Think about how your contemporary issue relates to the theme you have chose in The Crucible. Write these ideas down, so you can refer back to them when you begin contructing the expository essay. Here is an excellent resource for helping you brainstorm from the University of North Carolina:

6. Construct a strong introduction paragraph with a CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT!
What is a thesis statement?
It is a sentence or two, which convey to the reader what you intend to argue or point to within your essay. It should act as a map, letting the reader know where it is you intend to "go" with this essay.
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Lastly, to sum up the purpose of an expository essay it must be highlighted that an expository composition is an explanatory one. It might have a central theme or might not but in the second instance the themes dealt with should have a central binding force which would generally give a compact form to the essay and keep it focused. It should aim to provide information and analysis of the topic. Thus while writing about a topic one should have carried out research on the topic, be objective in the approach, be persuasive and convincing and have a strong conclusion.

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An essay was recognized as a literary form at a very later stage. Earlier writers like Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin and Rabindra Nath Tagore tried out their hands in this area and produced the finest pieces of art. An essay is the presentation of the view point of the writer on a specific topic. The word essay comes from the French word essai which means an attempt to . It attempts to explain or present the opinion of the author. It is generally grouped under expository prose but it can be further grouped in accordance to the purpose it serves.

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An expository essay is basically an explanatory composition. It defines and gradually explains the opinion or hypothesis undertaken through presentation of information along with examples and analysis of that information. It generally has a central theme and there may be, at times, other themes. Although there is one central issue around which all the themes revolve. This theme is the binding force and gives the essay a compact form.

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While researching about the expository essay format, some basic guidelines come to one's knowledge that an individual ought to keep in mind before writing one. The expository paper format has a basic structure and while delivering one, even if the structure is not strictly adhered to, the scheme must be the same. An expository essay format generally follows the five paragraph scheme. Although there can be topics that need longer discussion and be as long as a book as in "Essay on Human Understanding" by John Locke or the essay might at times be dealt in a single verse as in "Essay on Criticism" and "Essay on Man" by Alexander Pope but it always follows the expository writing format.