English Proverb With foxes we must play the fox.

Thus there are more places where a Japanese phrase can bedivided without disrupting its meaning. If English had thesame degree of segmentation flexibility as Japanese, thefollowing haiku,

Furthermore, if I were to add the word"yesterday" to the sentence, the available optionsin English would be "Mother gave it to the kittenyesterday," and "Yesterday, mother gave it to thekitten." In each of the above six Japanese versions,however, "yesterday (kinou)" can be insertedanywhere there is a space (including the beginning of thesentence), except at the very end, without significantlyaltering the meaning, thus multiplying the number of optionsby a factor of four. Therefore, "Mother gave it to thekitten yesterday" can be expressed in Japanese intwenty-four (6 x 4) different ways. Some of the alternativesare smoother than others, of course, but the least smooth isstill as natural as "Yesterday, mother gave it to thekitten." Here, I will only elaborate on #1 todemonstrate the four possible alternatives.

On Translation of English Proverbs Essay - 314 Words

The English language owes much of its grammaticalsimplicity to the fact that the word order plays a major rolein determining the relationships between words and phrases(subject, object, etc.). In such a language, words andphrases cannot be moved about freely without changing themeaning of a sentence. For example, within a sentence such as"Mother gave it to the kitten," the words cannot berearranged without altering the meaning.