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If you are planning to write anessay about one or more of the effects of teenage pregnancy, it maybe helpful to start with an overview of one of the following.

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hen it comes to teen pregnancy, there is no stereotype. Some teens can be persuaded into waiting. Others will have an opinion about sex and not change their minds for anyone. All teens have their own opinions about everything that they do and don't do. One teen might be the result of a teenage pregnancy and choose to wait. On the other hand, they might think that it is no big deal.

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Analyzing a short-term and long-term effects of the issue can be also a great idea to focus on when working on teenage pregnancy essay. This embraces analyzing every aspect of life that a teenage mom needs to cope with during pregnancy, when giving birth and bringing up the child. It is necessary to mention the effects of modern mass media on teenage pregnancy rates since our times’ TV shows and cinema movies have quite obvious propaganda of unprotected sex and sexual relationships in very young ages. This can also give an amazing opportunity to tie up the argument in a cause-end-effect pattern, which is very often successfully used by many students who work on writing an argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy topic. It is crucial to mention a number of causes and reasons why so many teenage girls of our times have to face early pregnancy and all the related hardships.


Teenage pregnancy is one of the mostpressing issues that affect societies all over the world today forseveral reasons. The causes for teenage pregnancy, and theconsequential effects, are in abundance. Accordingly, for your essay,there are a variety of aspects for you to examine or analyze. But aswith any essay, you need a good, strong introduction with an overviewof the content of the rest of your essay. Of course, your thesisstatement should be a part of your introduction (posts on thesisstatements are also available on this website). Keep reading todiscover how to craft your perfect teenage pregnancy essayintroduction.

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A lesser acknowledged cause ofteenage pregnancy is sexual abuse, or rape. Your teenage pregnancyessay introduction may also be based on this, with a morein-depth analysis to follow.

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In societies where girls areexpected to marry at a young age, it is crucial to change themindsets that allow harmful traditions such as this to continue. Withproper education comes proper awareness. For your teenagepregnancy essay introduction, you can put forward such notions tobe elaborated in the following body paragraphs.

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In conclusion, people must take a collective responsibility of talking to the teens about pregnancy and relationships so that they will be aware of whatever that occur if they are in any relationship.