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I read with a thrum of anxiety in my stomach — or maybe it’s a feeling closer to fear. Fear is easier than anger. Anger demands action, some kind of aim, an expectation of justice. And I have not felt for a long time that my anger would find a resolution. This isn’t the first time I’ve written an essay about gendered violence. I wrote a whole novel about it. But here I am, again. And even as I write this, any anger I feel ebbs into weariness.

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Humans have interesting relationships among each other. Experts and researchers explore situations and environments that encourage or promote relationship change. Humans experience change for various reasons. This varies upon personal belief. Some feel changing relations has to do with human evolution and how people help form new concepts in the future. As time changes it is likely relationships among humans will change. The idea behind the concept is explored by specialists that understand human behavior and the type of environment it is most likely to occur.

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Throughout the game there were times when the coach would step out onto the field if a player really needed them and talk to them, bring them water, etc. I found this very interesting. The relationship between the coach and the player is very strong within this team. Everyone has a great amount of respect for each other and would be there for each other when needed.

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Loving Relations : Love is a sublime emotions. It is doubtful whether love has anything to do with human intelligence because Nature seems to have automated this feeling in many animals for the propagation of species. Even in humans love seem to belong to the heart rather than the mind. However, in the animals love stems from the selfish feeling of belongingness and filialness as part of the survival mechanism. Only humans can rise above their selfishness and extend universal love. Although we do not see many people doing it, we know that they can extend universal love and compassion if they spiritually prepare themselves to overcome their lower instincts and natural desires and manifest their higher nature. We do not know how far true love may manifest in sexual and conjugal relationships, but we know that it can happen as the culmination of prolong spiritual effort and self-transformation. Loving relationships have also a correlation with mental maturity. Mature and mentally stable people are more likely succeed in finding harmonious relationship or fit into such relationships. In life you are more likely to be drawn towards people who share with you common features, interests, motives, values and goals. Love in such cases is but an extension of self-love. Conversely, if you do not like yourself, you may also not like many people. The following essays deal with love, and how to find self-love and acceptance through loving relationships.

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Abusive relationships continue to be a problem around the world. There are different types of abusive relationships and younger people, such as teenagers, are experiencing them in school. Few feel not enough is being done to put an end to it. Yet, when you have people who are willing to stay in the relationship it is almost a waste of time trying to help them see things clearly. There are organizations out there that can help people get out of such relationships, but are there enough?