Foreign and Second Language Learning.

Unlike early programs which did not teach “languages…primarily to learn oral/aural communication, but to learn for the sake of being ‘scholarly’ or, in some instances, for gaining a reading proficiency in the foreign language” (Brown 18), the twentieth century began to focus on communicative goals, and a variety of new theories and methods for teaching were put forth....

The United States has not put enough emphasis on the importance of foreign language education.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, the world has become a village. We can now meet people from all parts of the world online. If we speak a foreign language, we will also be able to talk to them, share ideas and get answers for our questions. This clearly explains why an inability to speak a foreign language is a disability in this modern world. When we learn a foreign language, we also develop respect for the culture of the people who speak that language. This understanding and admiration for other cultures forge better relationships between people and nations.

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Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language ….

I have been learning English for more than 10 years, but have never realized that there are so many different techniques and approaches to teach English as a second language.

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Foreign language immersion is an approach to learning that involves immersing students in an environment that uses a target language throughout the school day....

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This topic is particularly valuable to parents and teachers of learners who are, or will be, part of a foreign language-based classroom that fosters both academic development and multilingualism.

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When learning a foreign language, adults cannot simply use just one method to achieve fluency; they need to understand their individual learning needs, have extensive exposure to a particular language of interest in the vernacular of people who have been exposed for long periods of time, and learn the structure of the language especially if this organizational archetype differs greatly from systems of past experience.

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Advantages and disadvantages of learning a second language
Brain growth
Language centers in the brain actually grow as a result of successful language learning.

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(2009), surveyed 754 students, enrolled in different foreign language courses at the Michigan State University, reported that more than a half of them disliked learning grammar because it was boring, monotonous, confusing or complicated.

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For the child to become fully fluent in reading and writing in a second language, there will be additional work for the child to learn the second language.