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Modern athletes ranging from the high school to professional levels are faced with many pressures and temptations, normally outside the realm of their sport.

Another reason sports are important is that sports provide an easier way of making friends.

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Many students play in hopes of a college scholarship in their desired sport.

"Sideline rage" with parents behaving badly at youth sports events is such an epidemic, that 76% of respondents from 60 high school athletic associations said increased spectator interference is causing many officials to quit (Associated Press, 6/3/01).

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Within the inner circle of numerous athletic directors encompassed with the popularity of High School athletics and the pressure to succeed has become as important as students earning A’s in their classes.

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However, American high school athletes are not financially, physically, or mentally prepared to tackle and endure the pressures of professional sports....

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Whether it is high school athletes skipping college and discontinuing the development of their education for millions of dollars, or teenagers signing contracts with businesses for massive amounts of money, youth sports programs are changing rapidly.

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Twenty-three of the thirty students surveyed answered back that they feel in school clubs and sports influence them more in where they will choose to go to college....

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I also believe sports are really vital for our society today. According to the World Health Organization, 6% of all the deaths worldwide are due to lack of physical activity, which also causes diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.