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Any terrorist attack is a series of events: something like planning, recruiting, funding, practising, executing, aftermath. Our most effective defenses are at the beginning and end of that process -- intelligence, investigation, and emergency response -- and least effective when they require us to guess the plot correctly. By intelligence and investigation, I don't mean the broad data-mining or eavesdropping systems that have been proposed and in some cases implemented -- those are also movie-plot stories without much basis in actual effectiveness -- but instead the traditional "follow the evidence" type of investigation that has worked for decades.

In the movie Crash, she had a gun shoved to her head by two black men while they stole her car.

I have to admit that even I am excited by the violence and gore of the fighting scenes, though I don’t think my attitude would be the same if I knew that it was real. With my modern sensibilities, I would be disgusted with that kind of entertainment. But in the movies, anything goes!! Bring on the blood! Bring on the guts! Bring on the death! In spite of the underdeveloped characters, the movie had its heart in the right place. It understood what the audiences wanted to see and it delivered.

Crash is a movie that showcases prejudice and racial stereotypes.

The movie Crash illustrates several stories of cultural conflicts and racism.

Well, here we are again with another war film. This one has the distinction of being the first Best Picture winner about the Iraqi War. Everyone with whom I had spoken about The Hurt Locker told me that it was such a good film, so my expectations were high. I enjoyed the movie on a number of levels, though when I was done watching it, I had to take it in stride. Some aspects of the movie were so obviously manufactured, unrealistic, and not based in reality that I could not take them too seriously.

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Of course, he takes it in the belief that he can elude whoever the money belongs to. After that, the movie follows Moss as he runs from Chigurh, the Mexican drug dealers, and Sheriff Bell. But he finds himself constantly on the run and never able to relax. He receives injury after injury, making one narrow escape after another. At one point, he finds a tracking device hidden in the money. He leaves it behind and believes that he is safe, but the chase continues.

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Chigurh starts off the film by being picked up by a police officer, then strangling him with the chain between the handcuffs that are still about his wrists. He steals the police car, only to ditch it by pulling over a motorist, and murdering him with his strange weapon/tool. It is a captive bolt pistol. It is a strange weapon, to be sure, but it just adds to the creepy nature of the character. It is a device used to stun cattle before they are slaughtered. Basically it is a high-powered air compression device that forces a metal bolt through the skull.

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In this paper, I will be summarizing a scene from the 2004, Academy Award winning film, Crash, and further analyzing it in terms of the ethical theories of Immanuel Kant.

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Cameron is a good person at heart in the movie and always abided the rules, he wouldn't speak out against the white cops harassing his wife because he was afraid of getting arrested and appearing "black."
These characters each felt different hardships and pain due to their own fear and self prejudice.