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Also remember the grammar books that appeared at the time - the writers that tried to "fix" the language (Robert Lowth's Short Introduction to English Grammar was written 1762).

As well as that, spelling and language was standardised to a certain extent as well.

She attacks the prescriptivist view in her three language myths that she feels are false:

The myth suggests that English was a once great castle, but over time it has decayed and crumbled into the sea.

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In this, he suggests that language is like a tide – constantly changing.

Perhaps most importantly is that it was the portal into the world of written texts, which allowed them to be passed around and transported all across the country, which may have contributed to standardising language.

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Languages change for a variety of reasons. Large-scale shifts often occur in response to social, economic and political pressures. History records many examples of language change fueled by invasions, colonization and migration. Even without these kinds of influences, a language can change dramatically if enough users alter the way they speak it.