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Using the tools and techniques from Chapter 8, begin constructing your “Elevator Speech” which is described on pages 290 – 292 in Chapter 12. Your Elevator Speech should amount to between 90 and 100 words. The scenario is you presenting something you believe is important to a key decision maker. For example, you have brief opportunity to be with a senior manager at your company and want to make a favorable first impression. Another example could be riding in an elevator with the Dean of a graduate school you hope to attend. Or perhaps you are introduced to a decision maker from a company that you are selling a new line of products to. In all cases it would be beneficial to be prepared to present yourself/your product in a positive and memorable manner.

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One technique that professionals often use is called an “Elevator Pitch.” This is a practiced sales pitch designed to be delivered in a short period of time – a minute or two at the most (the theoretical length of an elevator ride).

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Whether you're looking for investors or just trying to get people interested in your business, your success depends on your ability to explain what makes your business unique and to hook your listener in less than a minute. Entrepreneurs and business professionals share their best tips for writing and delivering a great elevator pitch.

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A persuasive, clear and specific introduction to the problem you intend to research–either with anecdotes, statistics, a narrative or details from recent studies.
Specifics (and detailed evidence) about the nature of the harm: WHO is hurt by the current situation? WHO is causing that harm? WHY is the harm being allowed to persist? WHERE specifically is the harm occurring? WHAT specifically are the factors that cause or create the harm? You should also explain what has made solving this problem particularly difficult. What set of circumstances has made the problem become serious and worth solving?
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Keep it conversational. "You want to stand out and generate excitement. Don't regurgitate a memorized pitch that sounds like a pharmaceutical ad. When I hear a pitch, I don't necessarily want to feel like I am being pitched. I would rather have it be more conversational. Start with the problem you are trying to solve, the way the current alternatives are lacking. Then, briefly describe your solution." – John Torrens, assistant professor of entrepreneurial practice at Syracuse University's

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Open the door to continue the conversation. "Your elevator pitch is simply an introduction to your company, not a sale you have to close. End by summarizing your top talking points and offering a way for the prospect to get in touch with you. Be sure to have your business card on hand." — Alex Membrillo, founder and CEO of