Most Australians are unaware of the health effects caused by alcohol.

Besides the fact that a large number of students are underage when they drink, alcohol can put students in dangerous situations and give them a headache long after the hangover is gone.

Alcohol does have an effect on people that many social drinkers may not realize.

Alcohol can also affect recovery from sports injuries. Boozing will slow down your recovery process after injury meaning you cannot exercise for longer and therefore prolonging your period of regression after weeks or even months of training.

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Alcohol is also considered a drug and it is addictive, and it has many bad effects.

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A small number of women tend to have most of the problems caused by drinking during pregnancy. They are usually alcohol abusers or alcoholics. Many are drug addicts, don’t obtain medical care, and have other problems. And they continue to drink much too much alcohol. That seriously endangers their unborn, who may get FAS or other problems.

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When it comes to the pancreas, alcohol causes a production of toxic substances that can eventually lead to pancreatitis, a dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas that prevents successful digestion. Alcohol can also weaken the immune system which will make the body more liable to diseases, even small problems like a cold or cough.

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One of the most common areas alcohol can damage is your liver. This is in two ways. As the liver breaks down the alcohol the chemical reactions involved in doing so can affect the cells in the liver leading to inflammation and scarring as it tries to repair itself. Alternatively, alcohol can damage the intestine and let toxins from the stomach into the liver which also leads to inflammation and scarring.

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Over time, alcohol can affect areas such as the brain, heart and immune system in daily life. Alcohol can interfere with your brain’s communication pathways which can lead to increased mood swings and make it harder to think clearly.

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The main effect of drinking alcohol is causing disease; it has a lot of bad effects on an alcoholic’s human body organs and may cause death in some cases.