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One boy named Bob was bullied in school and was tired of everyone picking on him. He had no friends and he was isolated from everyone. After a while, he couldn’t handle the stress anymore. So he went home one day, cleared out everything from his locker so his mother won’t have to do it after he was dead, went home, and decided to shoot himself. But on that day, while he was going home from school with his things, some of the boys were picking on him. One boy named Michael saw that he was being picked on decided to help Bob by standing up to the bully and by helping him carry his things home. After a while, both Bob and Michael became best friends and they stuck with each other forever since then. Bob graduated from high school and became a doctor. When he got is doctor’s degree, he revealed his secret that he had kept from Michael all along and that secret was that when Michael came up to Bob to stand up to him and to help him carry his things home, on that day, he had decided to commit suicide but thanks to Michael that he didn’t. Michael was horrified and relieved at the same time that Bob had not carried out the plan he had in mind. This is the story of my two friends but I am not going to reveal their real names because they want to keep it confidential.

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One time assemblies are not enough. The critical strategy for preventing mistreatment (from exclusion, gossip, put downs, bullying, physical contact)is to incorporate multiple layers of prevention. From policies to programs to empowering students are a key parts of the solution. One is called, Safe School Ambassadors. This program trains key student bystanders to work with their peers to intervene in and deescalate mistreatment using nonviolent communication skills. I have worked on school climate issues with over 200 schools nationwide and provided training to students, parents and teachers and all of them need to be part of the solution to prevention. Building empathy is key but so is awareness and skills for intervening effectively.

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The consequences and effects of bullying are very bad. According to statistics from Smithtown Elementary School, by age twenty-three children who were identified as bullies in Middle school suffered from depression and low self-esteem than their peers who were not bullies. By age twenty-four, sixty percent of identified bullies had a criminal record. Bullies are less likely to finish college or locate long-term employment. Children who are labeled as bullies by their peers require more support as adults from government agencies, have more court convictions, more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, have more anti-social personality disorders, and use more mental health services. Children are lonely and they suffer from punishments. The victims’ suffer from emotional stress and commit suicide later on.

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Talking about the causes that encourage students to adopt this behavior pattern, Bullying involves students applying their physical strength, trying to gain access to private information, and mastering the popularity to control, intimidate, or influence others with their power. Witnessed commonly in the college grounds and courts, senior students taunt, tease, threaten the juniors or their peers by name-calling, or embarrassing them in public. As a common reason behind such behavior pattern is seen that such bullies hail from dysfunctional families or the ones that have very less affection and devotion. Students get to envelope such attitude by seeing inappropriate behavior followed by their parents or other members of the family. Also, as per studies, it has been proven that bullies might look confident at the exterior but are deeply insecure, thus can go to any extent to self-please by exerting their power on others. Such children are very weak at controlling and regulating their emotions and overreact severely when the situation turns adverse and not as per their expectation.

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Bullying is determined and remarked as an aggressive and widespread behavior that has now taken a fierce shape and is being adopted by students worldwide. Putting new and fellow students to ridicule and mockery now has become way more severe than pranks have affected the morale and confidence level of students joining universities and colleges. Dreading the first day of college and often being subjected to bullying throughout the study tenure needs special attention and intervention from parents and teachers. However, with many institutions being attentive and cautious in this regard have introduced strict rules again bullying, an additional step taken towards coaching, counseling the children can help them acquire skills to avoid adopting such behavior. Also, some educational institutions have planned sessions work for victims of bullying who can then develop skills and an attitude to deal with their problems.

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The solution to bullying is that we need to get together and work as a community to stop this horrible nightmare. As parents, if they find out that their child is a bully, they need to stay calm, ask the child what he or she has been doing, ask the child if they have behaved like this before, contact school and work out an action plan with school, set limits and clear consequences, and teach their child good coping skills. The parents should teach their children how to manage good anger management and conflict solving skills, make it clear that violence is always unacceptable collect facts and make an individual plan, remain calm and be patient, and listen to the child and communicate with the school. If the child says that he or she was just kidding around, ask them questions about the child that they were kidding around with. For example, their likes and dislikes, their full name, the name of their parents and siblings. If they can’t answer these questions, then tell them that it’s not just kidding around.