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Second I will summarize Lars Eighner essay On Dumpster Diving published in 1995.

(Page 24)Now in this sense Eighner talks about how particular dumpster divers take everything they see of some value and they go over board; but nonetheless they take pride in the things that others call trash.

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Pride The theme of pride was the first topic Eighner discussed when referring to a dumpster diver.

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In his essay titled "On Dumpster Diving," Lars Eighner discusses his experience of being homeless and having to resort to living off of other people's unwanted possessions to survive....

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The purpose of this hurdle is as follows: A diver cannot simply stand on the end of board, step off, and expect to have the power to go up or the momentum to rotate his body in any direction....

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Eighner- (Page 23) The scavenger or dumpster diver is showing that he or she has pride, although in need they are conscious of what society might think of them.

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In the life of a dumpster diver Eighner explains how he felt pride and a sense of being in a better state of living as opposed to those more fortunate; and he explains how he felt shame as he was reduced to this decadence.

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His ideas and thoughts are presented with a personal voice.

Eighner wrote "On Dumpster Diving" a year before he became homeless.

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~Eighner employs parallelism when he explains a dumpster diver’s adjustment to this way of life:
“He can wipe the egg yolk off the found can, but he cannot erase the stigma of eating garbage out of his mind” (167).