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This website is concerned with Shostakovich's string quartets and not with this opera. Nevertheless the condemnation of the work was so crucial to his style after 1936 that an extract from the opera is given in the closing image of .

 Shostakovich and his string quartets

Shostakovich began his Fifth Symphony in April of 1937, and he completed the scoring that fall. No established conductor would take on the score, so the task of preparing the debut fell to , a young conductor who had recently joined the Leningrad Philharmonic.

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What made Shostakovich and Prokofiev afraid to publicly denounce Stalinist practices?

But this desire to analyse must be held in check. Deciphering covert messages will certainly enhance our understanding, but it fails to explain our emotional delight. Shostakovich's most famous quartet, the Eighth, is easily dissected but its power is typically encountered long before any understanding of its origins.

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The final article, , discusses the event which caused Shostakovich to re-define his own artistic style within the bounds of 'Socialist Realism'. The condemnation of his opera 'Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District' on the 28th of January 1936 was so bitter that Shostakovich, despite his theatrical talent, never wrote another opera. Following the event he placed his style firmly within the 'humanistic' tradition, as opposed to 'modernistic' tradition, of twentieth century music.

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The second article entitled defines the aesthetic standards that the Soviet authorities demanded from their composers. In other words what type of music it required, and what boundaries it placed on artistic expression. It was under the constraints of 'Socialist Realism' that Shostakovich's first string quartets were composed.

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An understanding, therefore, of how and why artistic freedom within the Soviet Union was restricted, as well as the Soviet Union's theory of aesthetics, is useful for a deeper appreciation of Shostakovich's works. Three articles in the section 'Music and Soviet Communism' try to help the reader to fathom the aesthetics and policies of a political system now confined to history books. These do not make light reading because, unfortunately, an insight into another world requires a suspension of our own deeply-held, though often critically unchallenged, cultural premises.

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Shostakovich was the Soviet Union's most outstanding composer achieving almost iconic status in his lifetime. He was a patriotic Russian, a loyal communist and a willing part of the elite. Publicly he identified himself with the Soviet Union's political system but privately he refused to accept its cultural restrictions and at times he pushed artistic innovation to the limits of political acceptance. As a consequence some of his compositions were condemned as being incompatible with the official definition of acceptable music and at times his life in the Soviet Union became precarious.