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Gacon-Dufour, Marie Armande Jeanne – (1753 – 1835)
French novelist, polemicist, essayist and historian
Marie Gacon-Dufour was born in Paris and resided in Brie-Comte-Robert. She edited the personal correspondence of the Duchesse de Chateauroux, the beautiful, but unpopular mistress of Louis XV, and produced memoirs of the Valois and Bourbon courts. Madame de Gacon-Dufour wrote a Memoire pour le sexe feminin contre le sexe masculin (Defence of the Female Sex Against the Male) (1787), and published the essay, De la necessite de l’instruction pour les femmes (On the Need for Education for Women) (1805). She also wrote concerning a wide variety of other subjects, which included the compilation of manuals for housekeepers and perfumiers, and was a co-founder of the Bibliotheque Agronomique. Her novels included, Le prejuge vaincu (Prejudice Overcome) (1787), and, Les Dangers de la prevention (The Dangers of Foresight) (1806), and she published the memoirs Anecdotes Secrets Galantes, Historiques et Inedites (1807).

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Between 1973 and 1983, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 87% of all American polio cases were . Polio was also quickly disappearing well before the vaccine was invented and administered, declining by 60% from 1923 to 1953, the year the vaccine was introduced, and polio cases in the New England states when the vaccine was introduced. By 1930, American diphtheria deaths had already declined by 90% since 1900. In 1939, Germany instituted mandatory diphtheria vaccination, and immediately there were 150,000 cases of it. Occupied France was forced to submit to diphtheria vaccinations, and had 47,000 cases by 1943. Norway successfully resisted implementing the Nazi diphtheria vaccine, and only had 50 cases.

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Just how free are we in the USA, supposedly the world’s freest nation? Mexican citizens enjoy far more freedom in choosing their cancer treatment than American citizens do. has come to pass. Regarding energy, the . People have little viable alternative to what the big energy companies sell, and is also how today’s energy racket was created and is maintained. Similarly, Americans theoretically have freedom of information access. America’s media is . If people do not have easy access to important information, how can they make intelligent decisions? There are many instances of censorship in the West’s free press that far surpasses anything that the Soviet Union or communist China accomplished. The Western press’s awe-inspiring censorship of and work are two examples.

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Gibson, Ruth – (1901 – 1973)
Australian feminist and educator
Gladys Ruth Gibson was born (Dec 29, 1901) at Goodwood Park, Adelaide, South Australia. She attended school at Unley, and was then trained as a teacher. Her first appointment as such was at Goodwood (1919), and was later appointed as an inspector (1941). Gibson was a member of the University Public Examinations Board, and was a strong supporter of educational opportunities for women. She was a founder member of the Australian College of Education, which later awarded her a fellowship (1963), and served as president of the South Australian Women Graduates’ Committee.
Ruth Gibson was one of the delegates who attended the International Council of Women in Edinburgh, Scotland (1938). She was later the president of the Australian National Council of Women (1953 – 1956) and organized women’s groups to welcome Queen Elizabeth II during her historic first visit to Australia (1954). She was selected as an official guest at the queen’s coronation. Her valuable work was officially recognized when she was appointed OBE (Order of the British Empire) (1953) and later CBE (Commander of the British Empire) (1970) by Queen Elizabeth. Ruth Gibson died (Aug 23, 1973) aged seventy-one.

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This essay attempts to make clear that there is a , and its main concerns are amassing and maintaining wealth and power. The public’s health is far from its primary concern. The same is true for energy, my erstwhile profession of , and I have looked into. More than two centuries ago, Adam Smith observed that professional and trade organization is a conspiracy against the public’s interest, with its members attending to their mutual self-interest, not the public’s. Nothing has changed since his time. Dennis Lee, the most astute observer of the human condition I ever met, once told me that our society’s institutions are corrupt because people are corrupt.