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Designer babies may be able to solve the problems that come along with genetics.

Some of these points are already moot, because we are already at the point of designer babies. Sex selection is (despite many laws to prevent it). Genetic testing lets parents kill off undesirables (none recall these tests are imperfect, meaning ). In vitro implantations are routine, so what’s the difference if the “raw” egg and sperm are first processed a little? Well, no difference at all, most will feel (not think).

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A designer baby refers to a baby whose genetic composition is artificially modified such that all the undesired genes are eliminated leaving behind only those which are deemed to be good. The development of designer babies has been facilitated by the technological advancements in reproduction and genetics in recent years. Through these modern technologies, embryos with defective genes can be identified and done away with. This amounts to experimentation with the human body in a manner similar to that conducted on plants and animals. The creation of designer babies is therefore unethical and hazardous in addition to being unregulated.

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The development of designer babies poses some issues which must be addressed fully before embracing the concept fully. The issue of human dignity comes to the fore front when you consider that the practice in essence would reduce human beings to commodities which can be traded over the counter. Although it is not currently widespread due to the prohibitive costs of PGD technology, it is likely that in the future genetic modification will become more common place as better ways are discovered. Therefore it is important to take this into account and impose regulatory measures sooner rather than later when it will be a little too late.

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It helps the baby to lead a happy life.
accuracy problem
"Even [for] height, one of the most heritable traits known, scientists have found at least 50 genes that account for only 2 to 3 percent of the variance in the samples," "If you want a tall child, marry tall."(Krimsky)
Engineering baby genetically not only enables the parents to make arbitrary choice about the genetic traits, but also have possibility to worsen the relationship between the disadvantaged and wealthy and healthy people, and between the parent

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Therefore, designer babies should be considered as a exception of designer baby.
By selecting an embryo, the baby can have lower risk of cancer or other deadly disease.