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A BARS method first determines the main performance dimensions of the job, for example, interpersonal relationships. Then the tool utilizes narrative information, such as from a critical incidents file, and assigns quantified ranks to each expected behavior. In this system, there is a specific narrative outlining what exemplifies a “good” and “poor” behavior for each category. The advantage of this type of system is that it focuses on the desired behaviors that are important to complete a task or perform a specific job. This method combines a graphic rating scale with a critical incidents system. The US Army Research Institute developed a BARS scale to measure the abilities of tactical thinking skills for combat leaders. provides an example of how the Army measures these skills.

Critical incidents are snapshots of something that happens to a patient, their family or nurse.

To explore an event as a critical incident is a value judgment, and the basis of that judgment is the significance attached to the meaning of the incident.

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Critical incidents are created or produced by the way we look at a situation.

A good outcome will appear when nurses follow the criteria of critical thinking by using mental processes and decision such as assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation.

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Tripp (1993) The incident chosen has made an impact on me due to the fact the side effects of surgery can be very critical to a patient’s life, as would be demonstrated in the critical incident chosen (D.V.T)....


1. What are several of the most common obstacles to critical incident response?
2. What is the difference between controllable and uncontrollable incident factors?
3. What is a “first-first responder” and what actions do they need to take?
4. What is the impact on the first responders and the incident outcome if the “first-first responder” fails to act correctly?

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• Critical Incident Exploration #2: Answer the questions below in a 350-400 word essay. Use 12pt. font, one-inch margins, and double-space your paper. Place

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1. What are your primary goals in the crisis phase? Why?
2. Can you think of how the Seven Critical Tasks would have applied to an incident in which you have participated?
3. What are the criteria for the appropriate placement of the command post and staging areas?
4. Can you think of some realistic resources you can call on in your jurisdiction?

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1. What are the major components of the National Incident Management system?
2. What was the basis of the decision to create NIMS? Why wasn’t the ICS used instead?
3. What are the roles and duties of the Incident Commander?
4. What are the functional areas of the ICS?
Collaboration-Forums #5: Text: Critical Incident Management. Chapter 8.