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There were two very powerful Tyrants engaged in a perpetual War against each other: The Name of the first was L, and of the second A. The Aim of each of them was no less than Universal Monarchy over the Hearts of Mankind. had many Generals under him, who did him great Service, as and was likewise very strong in his Officers, being faithfully served by and He had likewise a Privy-Counsellor who was always at his Elbow, and whispering something or other in his Ear: the Name of this Privy-Counsellor was As conducted himself by the Counsels of his Antagonist was entirely guided by the Dictates and Advice of who was his first Counsellor and Minister of State, that concerted all his Measures for him, and never departed out of his sight. While these two great Rivals were thus contending for Empire, their Conquests were very various. got Possession of one Heart, and of another. The Father of a Family would often range himself under the Banners of and the Son under those of The Wife and Husband would often declare themselves on the two different Parties; nay, the same Person would very often side with one in his Youth, and revolt to the other in his old Age. Indeed the Wise Men of the World stood but alas! their Numbers were not considerable. At length, when these two Potentates had wearied themselves with waging War upon one another, they agreed upon an Interview, at which neither of their Counsellors were to be present. It is said that began the Parly, and after having represented the endless State of War in which they were engaged, told his Enemy, with a Frankness of Heart which is natural to him, that he believed they two should be very good Friends, were it not for the Instigations of that pernicious Counsellor, who made an ill use of his Ear, and filled him with groundless Apprehensions and Prejudices. To this replied, that he looked upon (the first Minister of his Antagonist) to be a much more destructive Counsellor than for that he was perpetually suggesting Pleasures, banishing all the necessary Cautions against Want, and consequently undermining those Principles on which the Government of was founded. At last, in order to an Accommodation, they agreed upon this Preliminary; That each of them should immediately dismiss his Privy-Counsellor. When things were thus far adjusted towards a Peace, all other Differences were soon accommodated, insomuch that for the future they resolved to live as good Friends and Confederates, and to share between them whatever Conquests were made on either side. For this Reason, we now find and taking Possession of the same Heart, and dividing the same Person between them. To which I shall only add, that since the discarding of the Counsellors above mentioned, supplies in the room of as Prompts in the place of

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There now only remains to shew, that his Majesty is legally possessed of this power; and that the necessity of the present affairs requires he should be so. He is entrusted with it by the legislature of the nation; and in the very notion of a legislature is implied a power to change, repeal, and suspend what laws are in Being, as well as to make what new laws they shall think fit for the good of the people. This is so uncontroverted a maxim, that I believe never any body attempted to refute it. Our legislature have however had that just regard for their fellow-subjects, as not to entertain a thought of abrogating this law, but only to hinder it from operating at a time when it would endanger the constitution. The King is empowered to act but for a few months by virtue of this suspension; and by that means differs from a King of or any other tyrannical Prince, who in times of peace and tranquillity, and upon what occasion he pleases, sends any of his subjects out of the knowledge of their friends into such castles, dungeons, or imprisonments as he thinks fit. Nor did the legislature do any thing in this that was unprecedented. The Act was made but about five and thirty years ago, and since that time has been suspended four times before his present Majesty’s accession to the throne: twice under the reign of King and Queen once under the reign of King and once under the reign of Queen

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And here I cannot but take occasion to congratulate my country upon the increase of this happy tribe of men, since, by the wisdom of the present Parliament, I find the race of Free-holders spreading into the remotest corners of the Island. I mean that Act which passed in the late Session for the encouragement of loyalty in by which it is provided, Scotland, [guilty of High-treason] &c.

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In a list of the books for boys and girls in a large public library near Boston,the subjects are divided under headings. 'Poetry' takes up only a part of one page out ofa catalogue of twenty-nine pages; 'Fairy Tales and Folk-Lore' have another page, while onepage and a half is devoted to 'Inventions and Occupations' and one page to 'Outdoor Life.'Of course some of the books that come under other headings, such as 'Famous Old Stories'and 'Other Countries,' axe really good literature, but appallingly few. Leaving out thosesections devoted to 'Younger Readers' and 'For Older Boys and Girls,' that is, taking themiddle section which is especially adapted for children of the grammar-school age, I find,out of a total of four hundred and seven books, the only ones which could be consideredgood literature are Aldrich's 'Story of a Bad Boy,' Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe,' Hughes's'Tom Brown's -'School Days,' Stevenson's 'Treasure Island,' Mark Twain's 'The Prince andthe Pauper,' Mary Mapes Dodge's 'Hans Brinker,' Kipling's' Jungle Book,' Bunyan's'Pilgrim's Progress,' 'Don Quixote,' Hawthorne's 'Wonder Book," Tanglewood Tales,'and 'Grandfather's Chair,' ' The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey,' Irving's 'Rip Van Winkle' and'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,' Malory's 'King Arthur,' Shakespeare (the Ben GreetEdition), 'Gulliver's Travels,' and Marryat's 'Masterman Ready' and 'Children of the NewForest.'

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With just the mix of action, humour and the odd darker moment, this Treasure Island very much follows in the tradition of high-quality family theatre that BOV’s established in recent years: a distinctively Bristolian take on a popular yarn and a hearty summer spectacle to boot