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On the other hand, the robot does not produce an absolutely negative impression. In fact, the robot provokes rather controversial feelings since the only problem of the robot is its actions which are wrong and which are not conditioned by humans, but which, on the other hand, are too human. In such a way, the rebellion of robots may be viewed in the context of comparison of humans with robots. The latter rebel against humans but they behave in a similar way as humans do, the only thing they want to change is to accomplish humans efforts to create perfect creatures and create the perfect world. However, the film reveals the fact that in such an idealized world there is no room for humans that are too imperfect and their strife for perfection is just their vanity and an attempt to play God. In this respect, the main character is quite symbolic since he comprises vices which cannot be attributed to a real hero that is supposed to save the world from robots. In actuality, Del Spooner is a bit paranoid person who has some inexplicable phobia of robots and machines, a person who lives practically in the permanent state of fear. On the other hand, he is ready to face all the challenges in his life and he is ready to struggle.

Some famous actors star in the film including Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel and Tom Sizemore.

We as a media consuming society know that there is a gap between what we see on screen and what we experience in reality. The gap can be sizable at times and at other times it is barely noticeable. This gap between our perceived “fantasy” reality on screen and our actual reality has caused many an outcry, whether it is about the level of violence in video games or the unrealistic body image promoted by films. The gap troubles us but not as much as it should.

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But this may also be a reflection of problems withinthe methodology of film criticism.

In the mid-1990s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (after three live action movies, several comic book incarnations, a popular line of action figures, ten years worth of various animated series, and even a concert tour called “Coming Out of Their Shells”) and their Turtle Power petered out. The franchise was nearly dead. But with the recent nostalgia-driven trend in film (a Transformers movie is due out this summer; rumors of a G.I. Joe movie are all over the internet), writer and director Kevin Munroe saw fit to reinvigorate the series with TMNT, a darker-looking, computer animated representation of the anthropomorphized, pizza-loving mutant reptiles. Every superhero has his or her archenemy. Batman has the Joker. The X-Men have Magneto. Superman has Lex Luthor. And the Ninja Turtles have Shredder. Kevin Munroe apparently forgot that most audiences, even if they’re barely aware of the series, still know of Shredder’s futile but persistent, not to mention gristly-voiced attempts at taking over the world. For the first two live action movies and most of the cartoon series, the turtles fought the multi-bladed evil ninja.

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Instead of being subversive of the traditional or classical norms of Hollywood stylefilm making, as many critics values it to be, the style was a part of thesystemization of Hollywood's narrational regulation during the 1940s.

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Grant was very ill at the time of this filming. His mind was sharp and alert especially considering
what he was going through. We cannot thank him enough for the precious time he has put into the making of this film.

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The fact that the term was not familiar to thefilm industry and audience of the 40s and 50s does not necessarily work as anargument against the definition of , because it is possibleto argue that the defining characters of the constituted a set ofconventions and expectations.