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In Nick Broomfield's documentary Kurt & Courtney, Eldon Hoke, also known as "El Duce," singer of Seattle band The Mentors, claims Courtney Love approached him at a record store in Hollywood and offered to pay him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain.

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When he checked out of rehab, he bought not one but two sets of plane tickets: one for his trip home from rehab, and a second pair of tickets for him and a companion, to leave Seattle shortly thereafter. I can't remember if they released the second destination, but he definitely was planning to go very soon after returning to Seattle. There were rumors that he was having an affair with a woman in Courtney's band. That woman turned up dead shortly thereafter, too, also under strange circumstances (the day before she was to move away, after quitting the band, with the moving truck packed out front). But in any case, if he was planning to kill himself, why buy that second set of plane tickets?

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Spurred by this incident, on March 25, Rolling Stone reports Courtney Love, bandmates Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, and several friends, including Janet Billig, met with him in his Seattle home with an intervention counselor.

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If you’re looking at the above photos wondering what this mishmash of Courtney Love circa Hole attire is all about, I ask you to read on. If, conversely, you don’t care and think these gals need a hug and a five dollar bill, I feel you. And if you’ve ever wished a fashion designer would give a giant middle finger to the fashion industry, the photos above prove that it actually happened at the runway show yesterday.

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In spite of his tempestuous marriage with drug addict, Courtney Love, reckless drug abuse, and a childhood drained of emotion, Cobain escalated to become the epitome of a rockstar - an alluring misfit who spent every waking minute under surveillance by either drug officers or the Time magazine pap...

Kurt Cobain married Hole singer Courtney Love

Cobain struggled after returning to Seattle from Rome. (Gold Mountain Entertainment's Janet Billig says he went "cuckoo.") According to a Rolling Stone article published in June of 1994, his relationships with both Courtney Love and Nirvana were unstable.

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"The thing you have to remember about all the talk of Kurt being suicidal is that all the talk only started when Courtney came out after the death and said Rome was a suicide attempt and the media picked up on all her examples of Kurt being suicidal. That's when all these people started saying, 'Of course he was suicidal, just listen to his music.' But that's a bunch of crap. Sure he was a moody guy and got depressed quite often. That applies to a hell of a lot of people, including me. But nobody ever talked about Kurt being suicidal before he died, nobody."

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Pete Cleary, a friend of Cobain's, spoke directly about the Rome incident and alleged Cobain history-rewriting in Who Killed Kurt Cobain? (an earlier version of Wallace and Halperin's Love and Death):