A Florida school board discusses abolishing corporal punishment.

Writer remembers getting three hard whacks with a paddle at elementary school, which taught him never again to throw rocks at people. His attempt to link this to the gun control argument is not very convincing, however.

Educators that employ corporal punishment often hit a child for striking their peers.

States that the official records of corporal punishment and other school discipline in Texas need be kept only as long as "administratively valuable". This seems a pity. I think all such data should be kept for posterity so that researchers like me can study them in many years' time when they need no longer be regarded as confidential.

A school bus driver recalls paddling a misbehaving student.

Miscellaneous anecdotes about getting or giving the school paddle (in no particular order):

1. It makes crystal clear how completely counter-productive out-of-school suspension (OSS) often is, and one argument for paddling is that it provides the student with the punishment he requires without any of the disadvantages of OSS.

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2. It shows that black students receive ALL forms of punishment disproportionately to their share of the population, so, if there is a problem here at all, it certainly is not anything to do with corporal punishment , as anti-CP activists often try to suggest. (Unconscious racial stereotyping by teachers seems a likely reason; another possible explanation might simply be that black kids actually are, on average, naughtier than white ones. Either way, abolishing CP makes no difference.)

to be trending against corporal punishment in school, ..

A case from 2001 in which a student at a high school in Virginia in the early 1980s complained that he was disciplined on the bare buttocks with a drumstick. A drumstick sounds like a pretty feeble implement to me, but the former student described it as a "terrible beating".

corporate punishment be allowed in schools?

As its name implies, this paper (2003) is not about corporal punishment, which is mentioned only in passing as a statistic (paddlings constituted 5% of disciplinary actions in Kentucky schools in 2000-01).
However, it is of some interest for three reasons:

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Newsletter (2003) of a High School in Arkansas. Go to page 5. A seventh-grader warns incoming freshmen not to get in trouble because a paddling from Mr Walton "hurts bad -- just ask around".

Corporal Punishment is defined as "the use of physical ..

Article about a former teacher at St Augustine in New Orleans (see previous item) in the 1950s and 1960s when it was a segregated black school. He said that after a student was sent to the office for a paddling, "I have seen a marvelous clearing of the air with a simple whack on the butt".