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1. Their lack of raw power, especially in the SET models, which made them impractical with most contemporary speakers.
2. Their (mainly) no-feedback designs, which made them sound highly colored with typical speakers, which had highly variable impedances.
3. The output tubes were usually very expensive and/or difficult to find, because many of them were NOS types.
4. The output transformers usually rolled off both of the frequency extremes, because of the lack of feedback and other compromises.
5. Some of the models used very high internal voltages (1,000+) to achieve their power, which the critics claimed was costly, dangerous and inherently unreliable.
6. The higher cost to manufacture, because of the now uneconomical parts cost, in turn due to the low scale of current production.

Both the actions of Frankenstein, as well as his monster allude to John Milton’s Paradise Lost....

Meaning those amplifiers with tubes at the input, but still using output transistors. The (now discontinued) line was the most well known of these designs. They are similar to the OTL amplifiers in overall performance, being about as accurate, though not as complete. Their big advantage though is in PDC, which is much higher than any OTL; 90+.

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Their writings, also, are consideredmonstrous, and suffer the repressive force of the law.

Almost immediately, one could observe that the CuTF was superior to the original V-Cap, though it took something like 400 hours of play to hear the full extent of the improvements. The CuTF was superior in reproducing harmonic content and natural body, musical flow, purity and dynamic contrasts. It was also a little more direct and immediate, with less homogenizaiton, and had a lower sound-floor, with all the associated musical benefits which that provides. This was all deeply satisfying, and adding much to the appreciation of the music, both familiar and unfamiliar. However, it is important to also note that the sonic differences between these two .01 uf signal capacitors were not as noticeable as when I earlier replaced the V-Cap output capacitor, in the Jadis JP-80, with its CuTF equivalent back in 2013 (see The Modification File below for the specific details).

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Moreover, the boundariesthat Baldick establishes, between negative and conservativepopular culture and the liberal freedoms of the 'literarytradition', do not escape the dangerous reflections ofFrankenstein's monstrous language.

Frankenstein and Blade Runner Essay (Contexts and ..

Baldick, Chris, (Oxford: Clarendon, 1987).Bloom, Harold, 'Frankenstein, or the New Prometheus', 32 (1965): 611-18.Brooks, Peter, 'Godlike Science/Unhallowed Arts: Language andMonstrosity in ', 9 (1978): 591-605.Burke, Edmund, ,ed.

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The Digital Master looked like a large WATT, with an 8" woofer and a recessed tweeter. They were even better than my modified WATTS in certain ways (image size), but what made them truly special was the fact that they were easier to drive than even the Troubadour. While the nominal sensitivity of the three speakers was very similar, only the Digital Master came "alive" with the Golden Tube. In fact, the dynamic range of the GTA/Digital Master was almost the equal of the Jadis/WATTS. Meaning any differences between them were subtle. Accordingly, with the former dynamic compression no longer continually interfering with my mind and heart, as was the case with the Troubadour, I was now finally able to fully appreciate what a good SET amplifier could accomplish when reproducing music.

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These essays can still be found in I strongly recommend that these essays be read by all visitors to this website, assuming you want to understand "where I'm coming from". However, to highly condense here what I've already written...