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• Comparative structure (to compare is to discuss how the images are similar, and ?to contrast is to discuss how the images are different)?o This should include discussion of both a visual compare and contrast, and ?a cultural compare and contrast ?

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However, choosing a good topic might take a while if you don’t have a list of sample topics in hand. You can find sample essay ideas at the website of your department, get them from the supervisor, or search for topic ideas on the Internet. The following 25 compare and contrast paper topics are worth writing about:

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More loosely, Tolkien relies on structural twinning or duplication to create parallels such as doubles, conflicting aspects of personality, and through The Lord of the Rings, even if the oppositions are not essentially necessary to define each other in strict structuralist terms. Marjorie Burns notes several examples of this. For "doubles," she points to the similar roles Goldberry and Galadriel play in their respective domains. Minas Tirith and Minas Morgol, the two towers echo each other. For conflicting aspects of personality, Burns shows how Tolkien creates oppositions between the staid Baggins and the adventurous Took sides of Frodo's family, showing a split or internal division in Frodo himself. A more schizophrenic split between Sméagol and Gollum serve as manifestations of his split desires. For foils, she points to the way Gandalf contrasts with the Balrog in Moria. There, he declares himself a "servant of the secret fire" and a "wielder of the flame of Anor," but he faces his opposite in the Balrog, "the flame of Udûn," a "worker of dark fire." Trolls and Ents serve as opposites for each other, and both Trolls and Ents in their massive size serve as foils to the little people of the hobbits during battle scenes. Boromir and Farmir contrast, with Boromir being proud and rash in his desire for glory while Faramir is "wiser, more restrained, and more peaceable," and so forth. For extended discussion, see Burns' entry on "double" in Drout 127-128).

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But we still want to give an approximate answer to the question "1000 word essay is how many pages?" actually bothers a lot of students. Though the requirements can be a bit different, many students choose the classic formatting, which is Times New Roman 12 pt and double spacing. In this case, it most likely will be from 3 to 3,5 pages - that's how many pages is a 1000 word essay double spaced.

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Comparison/Contrast Essay Directions
1.) You will pick a topic you would like to compare or contrast. You may NOT do both in the essay. You will either compare two items or contrast two items. A-worthy topics include serious topics, and examples are given below.
2.) Essay will be a minimum of 750 words and no more than 800 words. Essays that do not meet the minimum amount will receive an overall grade deduction of -10 points per 100 words missing. Essays that exceed the maximum amount will also receive an overall grade deduction of -10 points per 100 words exceeded. Example: A 450-word essay a 35 point deduction. (-1 point deduction for every 10 words above or below the word count that do not meet the 100 words standard.) Word count does NOT include your Works Cited, header, or heading.
3.) Essay will adhere to MLA format guidelines: 12 pt. font. Times New Roman. Doublespaced. Header at the top right with last name and page number on every page. Title centered. 1 inch margins. Top left: Your name, my name, class name, and due date. No contractions. Third person only.
4.) Essay will adhere to the specific and NEW (advanced) guidelines discussed in class
a.) Must use one of the beginning openers mentioned in your Norton Guide for your introductory paragraph that grabs the attention of the reader. You may continue to go from broad to specific, but now you must utilize an interesting opening (hook) that grabs the readers attention.
b.) Must not use the following transition words or phrases: First, Second, Third, In conclusion, or To conclude
c.) Must use basic and advanced transitions. Basic transitions transition words.
d.) Must use at least two reliable sources.
e.) Must have a defined purpose.
5.) Structure: Point-by-Point Method (5 paragraphs) or Block Method (4 paragraphs

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If you don't need to search for inspiration for long and the topic is neither extremely complex nor very familiar, it will take you approximately 3 hours to finish a 1000 word essay.