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Lenin and Stalin stand as two giants in the history of Russia. In this Studymate Rob Johnson (Oxford University) takes the reader through the key events that shaped the major Communist State and explains how ideologues propagated an exclusive and determinist worldview. The result was World War and decades of oppression. Only now as the Soviet Union slips into history can this perspective be truly appreciated. This Studymate will explain the key ideas and events that shaped Communism in Russia, the myths that were created by the communists to conceal the truth and how historians have responded

Cuba joined forces with Russia in the effort to advance communism around the world.

Hello, I have been having a very heated argument with a hard core Russian Communist, about the numbers of people slaughtered by Communists since 1917. One of his strengths is that there is very difficult time to give hard evidence to support the, in some estimates 200 million mass murdered.
Do you have any real hard evidence as Rummel is example not really hard evidence. I would point out that is my opinion that this man is a high up Russian Government person. He has a Masters, and is also very well versed in the historical aspects of the 20th century. Thank you, if you have input.

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For the communist party in Russia, their political system was always in danger.

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This program of slaughter is rational if the basic premises of Marxism are accepted. If there is no God who teaches, "Thou shalt not kill," and if people are merely animals, why should they not be treated as animals? Husbandmen who breed finer animals and destroy the inferior ones in the process are respected and honored throughout the world. The Communists believe that they are the husbandmen who have been selected by history to enact the programs that will result in the creation of perfect human animals. To hesitate to eliminate the diseased would be to betray their mission.

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Dr. Schwarz has been a Christian lay preacher for many years, and his attention was first directed to Communism while at the University of Queensland where he debated a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia. Later he began a special study of the basic Communist texts in an effort to explore not only the deeds, but also the thought-life of Communism. He has become widely known as one of the most informed non-Communists in the world because of his knowledge and understanding of basic Communist texts.

Communist Russia under Stalin, 1928 - 1939

Hayek lived in Austria, Great Britain, the United States and Germany, and became a British subject in 1938. He spent most of his academic life at the London School of Economics (LSE) [They were Fabian free trading Communists-JB], the University of Chicago [Chicago School of Economics, Psycho-Babble free trade Economics], and the University of Freiburg.

Lenin was the founder of the Russian Communist Party, ..

Owing to the systematic Sovietsuppression of independent research, knowledge of Soviet-era cultural history,especially among the young in Russia, tends to be superficial or anecdotal.