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For example, some evidence that a chemical reaction has occurred is possible changes in energy, release of energy, formation of a new substance, or reduction or increase in temperature.

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There are many things that can affect the rate of reaction, (some of these are shown in figure 1 below.) In this coursework I am going to investigate what effect the change in acid concentration has on a chemical reaction....

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Thus, it won't be wrong to say learning chemistry and chemical reactions start at home.

Engines covert energy of a combustion reaction to a mechanical energy while fuel cells transfer the energy of a chemical reaction to an electrical energy.

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Investigation into how to measure the rate of a chemical reaction and how to change the rate of a reaction My task is to produce a piece of coursework investigating rates of reaction, and the effect different changes have on them.

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Chemical reactions can characterized as irreversible, reversible, or oscillating. In the former case, the equilibrium for the reaction highly favors formation of the products, and only a very small amount of reactants remains in the system at equilibrium. In contrast to this, a reversible reaction allows for appreciable quantities of all reactants and products co-existing at equilibrium. HO + 3NO &NA; 2HNO + NO is an example of a reversible reaction. In an oscillating chemical reaction, the concentrations of the reactants and products change with in a periodic or quasi-periodic manner. Chemical oscillators exhibit chaotic behavior, in which concentrations of products and the course of a reaction depend on the initial conditions of the reaction.

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An, INTRODUCTION to REACTION RATES, Why is it important to know how fast reactions occur?, How can we measure the speed or rate of a chemical reaction?