Cedric Watts Heart Of Darkness Essay

1975 lecture
Chinua Achebe, African American, attacks Conrad and considers him a racist
Comparison between light & darkness
Conrad’s style of writing and how it affected Achebe
Marlow or Conrad?
Achebe’s anger and how it is displayed in his essay
Other examples
"An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness" Sandya Shetty- believes the novel is racist
Edward Saïd- believes the novel is racist
Cedric Watts- does not believe the novel is racist
Patrick Brantlinger-believes the novel is racist
Hunt Hawkins- does not believe the novel is racist Critics on the issue of Racism Opinions will differ from person to person
Heart of Darkness is a racist novel (in my opinion)
Derogatory word choice and violent imagery
Marlow's ignorance to the harsh reality and not doing anything to help the people of the Congo
Close and deep reading
"Racist bifocals"

What is your definition of Racism?

Watts argues that Heart of Darkness is written with a Essays for Heart of Darkness.

You are also required to use “A Bloody Racist – About Achebe’s View of Conrad” by Cedric Watts (either agreeing or disagreeing with his arguments in order to support your own).
Heart of Darkness

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heart of darkness Essay of Joseph Conrad’s Heart.A Critical and Contextual Discussion.

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