Causes and Effects of Air Pollution. Essay - 595 Words

These get mixed with air and causes air pollution Besides, Ammonia is a very common by product from agriculture related activities and is one of the most hazardous gases in the atmosphere Air pollution cause and effect essay

Causes and Effects of Air Pollution - Essay - 595 Words

Pollution is the modern day scourge that has affected the various facets of modern life. In big cities we witness hazy skies creating problems for the inhabitants and causing numerous diseases. More often than not, internet and newspapers are filled with information about the increase in the levels of the carbon monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere. In fact, now it is well known that pollution is caused due to various reasons. Therefore, in the below-mentioned paragraph, we enumerate the causes as well as the effects.

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The Effects of Air Pollution

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Dec 4, 2 1 There are several main causes of air pollution, the vast majority of them can by the long term effects of the pollution created by manufacturing

to reduce the effects of air pollution

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industrialization which ultimately causes air pollution

To keep your paragraphs and sentences from sounding “choppy” or awkward, use transitional devices such as nevertheless, however, therefore, and the like. They would signal that you are shifting to a new facet of your topic. They are also important especially if you have a particular method of developing paragraphs. One of the methods that work best in pollution essays is cause-effect, wherein you explain the causes of air pollution, and then you explain the detrimental effects it has to the environment or to mankind.

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Next, identify the other factors related to air pollution. After explaining its various causes, you may also consider writing about how to solve them. This would be a good trajectory for the topic you are developing. For example, you could write about using “green cars” that do not emit black smoke. You may also write about planting more trees so that the oxygen offset the carbon dioxide.

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Agricultural activities: has been one of the primary sources of occupation since time immemorial but due to growing population, the farmers are hard pressed to increase crop production. It is only possible with the help of chemical fertilizers and they in turn cause soil pollution.