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As much as I like Gonzaga University and was proud of their run to the Championship game, they too have fallen for 'the one and done' recruitment of All Star High School players, rather than relying upon
talented Catholic players, who chose to come to Gonzaga for their education, to make up the team. Likewise, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Fordham, Boston College recruit scholars who are neither Catholic or Christian and raise the tuition to pay for their salaries.

Graduates of Catholic Home Schooling agencies do not qualify for the Catholic Schools Grant.

As a Catholic organization, the Conference draws the values, directions and criteria which guide its financial choices from the Gospel, universal church teaching and Conference statements.

Houck, (Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1991).

Students should have test results sent directly to The Catholic University of America.

This chapter - part of a forthcoming volume titled Recovering Self-Evident Truths:CatholicPerspectives on American Law - introduces solidarity and subsidiarity into the conversation.

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Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) is a national organization with the mission to serve Catholic athletes and share the Gospel in and through athletics. In 2008, the first college chapter of CAC began at the Catholic University of America as a ministry to athletes on campus. In its ninth year now, the CAC chapter on campus seeks to meet the spiritual needs of athletes through weekly meetings, an annual retreat, and by providing representatives that serve as resources to teams and coaches.

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The feast day of Pope St. John Paul the Great, October 22nd, is an excellent day to reflect on John Paul the Great Catholic University and our vision for our future.

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University Days are a Saturday event that JPCatholic hosts twice a year. Each event offers an exciting lineup of presentations from the faculty, a campus tour, and a variety of breakout sessions to give you insight into academics, student life, and financial aid.

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As years passed, the Catholics of America yearned for a visible sign of their nation’s consecration to Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception. In 1846, an excerpt from a Massachusetts newspaper told of “a magnificent Catholic church [to] be built at Washington, DC after the manner of the great cathedrals of the Old World from subscriptions of every Catholic parish in America.” From this initial desire, American Catholics worked to build a National Shrine through the late-19th, into the 20th and now the 21st century.

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Bishop Thomas Joseph Shahan, the fourth rector of the Catholic University of America in Washington, spearheaded the project in its earliest stages of construction. He won the support of Pope St. Pius X (along with his personal contribution of $400) and convinced the board of trustees of his university to donate the land for the construction of the National Shrine in Mary’s honor. In a fundraising newsletter, Bishop Shahan wrote that the Shrine would be a “monument of love and gratitude, a great hymn in stone as perfect as the art of man can make it and as holy as the intentions of its builders could wish it to be.” Donations poured in from across the country and construction began in 1920. The Great Depression and World War II slowed the work. In 1953 a nationwide collection was taken in support of the construction as work on the Great Upper Church was beginning; this was finally completed and consecrated in 1959.