The causal analysis essay should:

In the second study, they found that Koreans preferred to seek advice regarding their social problems from those who held a holistic perspective and considered them to be wiser, while Americans sought advice from analytical thinkers because they considered them to think more rationally....

Before moving on to a sample essay, a couple of points regarding causal analysis demand emphasis.

Finding a good topic for the essay is crucial to the value placed by the reader on the essay that he reads. The subject matter must be important enough for the reader to be interested in. In writing a causal analysis essay, one should always consider the interest of his target audience.

Sample cause and effect essay .

Causal chain essay must be connect to eachother.

When writing the essay, the writer is advised to be specific about the cause that brings about a particular effect. This is to avoid confusing the reader if there are so many causes that produce the same effect. Some causes are not major factors that cause the effect but are simply events that happen simultaneously with the effects. It is good to list down the causes and effects that one wants to write about before starting to write about them. It is actually difficult for one to analyze the cause and effect relationships of situations or actions when he is in process of writing the essay. It is important to first organize the facts and their purported causal relationships before starting to write a causal analysis essay.

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The national pastime is changing. No longer are Americans waiting on the Super Bowl or the World Series to stir their competitive juices; Kitchen Stadium offers sports drama that they can really sink their teeth into...literally. Or maybe they like "Beakman's World" revisited in Alton Brown's "Good Eats." Those with a taste for the truly exotic may prefer Tony Bourdain's "A Cook's Tour." And those who prefer good ole southern flavors will not want to miss "Paula's Home Cooking" or "Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee." The ubiquitous reality shows of this century must share the screen with shows like "30 Minute Meals" and "Emeril Live." Move over Julia Child and Graham Kerr: Mario Batali and Bobbie Flay are turning up the heat. There's no doubt about it: The nation's gone nuts about most anything that contains well as where nuts are grown...and what nuts are best for tart crust and what nuts are best with bleu cheese, purple onion and arugula and..... The new focus on food is truly a phenomenon that will change America's culture forever. That change translates into enterprise in the way of products, education, and jobs.
Just ask the manufacturers of Le Creuset cookware what the impact an entire television network has had on their sales. Cookware, however, be it enameled cast iron or fine-grade stainless is only a piece of the pie. Super markets are experiencing great booms in sales of produce such as cilantro, leeks, mango, shallots, garlic. If they have the time, these days, Americans want it fresh. Lamb, veal, tuna, mahi mahi, are replacing fried chicken and pork chops on American tables. And the vegetable oil isle has more space devoted to olive oil than the traditional corn, safflower, and canola while the lard industry should buy stock in Emeril Lagasse. Ten years ago most grocers' shelves offered up spaghetti, lasagna, elbow macaroni, and egg noodles as pasta choices. Angel Hair was not to be found in smaller towns. Nowadays orcchiette, fusilli, penne, and countless others in dried and fresh varieties taunt the low-carb fanatics, who, by the way, have their own pastas from which to choose. And what do Americans do with all these new choices? Television teaches them all they need to know.
Thanks to the popularity of cooking shows, Americans are learning about food. Practically every cooking celebrity has his own cookbook filled with recipes and food trivia to unload. We are learning about blueberries in Maine and chilies in Mexico. Food TV has taught us that many American towns boast their own Little Italy, that peppercorns and nutmeg should be ground and grated fresh, that salt was the first seasoning, that dried herbs have a short shelf-life, that a Béarnaise begins with a Hollandaise, and most importantly that good food begins with good ingredients. In addition, however, Americans are learning that being a cook is a noble occupation. Food preparation is an art form, and television has made it a performing art. The result: Youth across the nation are choosing culinary schools to provide their higher education. The work is hard, needless to say, but the results will melt in your mouth.
So with all this food knowledge simmering in America's melting pot, are Americans abandoning their much loved recreation of dining out? Absolutely not! The restaurant industry is as big and varied as ever. Food trends change almost monthly. While restaurants must offer something special to stay ahead, one pearl in their oyster is that Americans are not only learning how to cook, but they are looking for jobs that permit them this labor of love. And these jobs are only the tip of the iceberg--do I dare say--lettuce. Catering, cookbook authoring, baking, serving, selling, teaching, all provide career opportunities for want-to-be gourmands and their associates. Although the majority do not make it to celebrity chef status, those same chefs will tell them that if they work hard, the rise to prominence is fairly fast.
Why, then, has food become such a fixation in America? Well, it's certainly more fun than the fitness craze of the 70s; smoking is, of course, passé; and, most of all, people have to eat. Breaking bread is an ancient tradition. Enjoying the bread is almost as ancient. Will the trend pass? Perhaps the cooking show trend will have its day and follow in the footsteps of the variety show or the western but probably not to that extreme. After all, once you've had popovers, pop tarts® just aren't the same.

A couple of elements worth mentioning in regard to the above essay are the organization and the format. The essay moves in a sort of climactic order, with the most important point saved for last. Three major points were chosen for focus and each was given individual attention in its own paragraph. Each major detail is supported with minor details that provide specific, concrete examples. All topical (body) paragraphs contain topic sentences and concluding sentences.