World War 2 impacted Canada Politically, Socially and Economicaly.

On the surface, the admission of refugees seems simple enough. Every year Canada sets aside a minority portion of the total target number of immigrants it intends to admit for refugees. But there are two very different routes by which refugees have arrived in Canada. Most are carefully selected abroad. In co-operation with other countries and international refugee agencies, each Canadian immigration official goes overseas to interview and pick refugees for resettlement in Canada from among those who have found temporary sanctuary outside their country of citizenship, often in a neighbouring country. This process has generally worked smoothly.

 Before the war, Canada’s most important sector in its economy was agriculture.

Memories of the —the tragic loss of life, the heavy burden of debt and the strain on the country's unity imposed by —made Canadians, including politicians of all parties, loath to contemplate another such experience. Initially, Prime Minister William Lyon warmly supported British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasing German leader Adolf Hitler. When Chamberlain postponed war by sacrificing Czechoslovakia in the Munich crisis of September 1938, King thanked him publicly, and Canadians in general certainly agreed. Nevertheless, the shock of this crisis likely turned opinion towards accepting war to check the advance of Nazism. Only gradually did ongoing Nazi aggression alter this mood to the point where Canada was prepared to take part in another great war. King himself had no doubt that in a great war involving Britain, Canada could not stand aside.

World War One had a significant impact on Canada’s homefront.

Canadian cities were becoming very important contributors to the economy.

Canada had to find a way to get more Canadians to join, so conscription was brought up again to the people of Canada but French and English lines would have torn like they did during the first world war, so conscription was cancelle...

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The contrast was inevitably high on the issue of conscription between the Québécois and the rest of Canada thus creating a solution when conscription was indeed needed was impossible.

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Thesis: French-Canadians opposed conscription during World Wars One and Two because they had a historical resentment against the British Empire.

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Unlike many countries especially in Europe that suffered economic slump during the Second World War, Canada remained virtually unaffected during the war and its involvement set up a foundation through which the country prospered during the years after the war....

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Canada was impacted very well politicaly, events leading up to the war like the statue of Westminster allowed Canada to join the war on our own decision.

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The impact of the Great War on Canadian civilians can be easily seen through the increased rate and level of discrimination, growth of Canadian economy and the independence of women.

WW2 marked the start of women’s role in military combat

Following the Second World War, Canada’s multiculturalism policies became more acceptable and even successful in, not only accepting, but inviting multiple ethnic cultures in.