In the novel, "The Invisible Man"...?

I do not mean by this that the sub-plane is wholly imaginary – that it has no objective existence. It lies partly on the surface of the earth, and partly(perhaps mostly) that surface, interpenetrating the solid crust. But I mean that no man who lives an ordinarily pure and decent life need ever touch this eminently undesirable region, or even become conscious of its existence. If he contact it, is entirely due to his own coarse and evil action, speech and thought.

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man confronts the reader with several scenes of violence .

In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, this view of invisibility is reversed; rather than being invisible and getting noticed, a man is in plain sight of everyone- however, due to a slew of stereotypes and prejudices, nobody recognizes what he accomplishes....

In the novel, "The Invisible Man"...?

The plot of Invisible Man becomes more obvious as the first few chapters pass by.

the real brotherhood of man" (Morris 5), the emergence of Negro personality from the "fixed boundaries of southern life" (Bone 46), and "the search for human and national identity" (Major 17). Rich in symbolism and cleverly interwoven, Invisible Man's linear plot structure, told from the first-person, limited point of view, and framed by the Everyman protagonist from h...

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“Bougere gives a bravura performance as the Invisible Man, but Johnny Lee Davenport is right there with him as a fire-breathing preacher and the double-crossing college president who turns him away from the school.”
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While this is not the Invisible Man's original intent, he does not understand why the iron link is causes such an adverse reaction in his Brother. He continues to dangle the iron between his finger and thumb in order to, in a sense, tease Brother Wrestrum with it.

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(Ralph Ellison, 439) The Christian value system that saturates Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is exhibited in the invisible man’s struggle over whether humility is an appropriate virtue for him to pursue or just a handicap that enables him to be taken advantage of and oppressed by the powers that be....

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These two works, and , embody a careful research, in as objective and scientific a manner as Dr. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater were capable of, and the result is a very precious body of facts concerning the invisible world. A close analysis and study of these facts by any eager student who has an unprejudiced and impartial mind, cannot but give him the feeling that, though he may be unable to believe in the statements recorded, yet nevertheless there is one characteristic about them, that they appear to be descriptions of objects and events seen objectively, as through a microscope or telescope, and not subjectively, as is the case of a novelist spinning out the incidents of a vivid story.

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The Invisible Man does not appear to believe that his personal belongings are anyone else's business. He merely states that it is a personal present and does not go into any detail as to what the link is or represents. However, Brother Wrestrum is very insistent about wanting to know the identity of the object. The Invisible Man finally picks it up, holds it towards the Brother and tells him exactly what it is. Brother Wrestrum immediately recoils from the link as though it is something detestable. His original response upon hearing the description of the object and seeing it up close is one of disgust and disbelief. He then refines his answer to a "no, thank you." He then goes on to tell the Invisible Man that he should not keep such things around. The Invisible Man wonders on who's authority he is speaking as he places particular emphasis on the "you" when asking why the object should not be allowed in his office. The Invisible man feels as though his private space is being invaded because it is a personal gift of his which is kept in his personal office. However, he is curious as to why Brother Wrestrum takes such offense to the piece of iron.