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The suggested levels (high, intermediate, and low) are a good starting point for matching a film to the level of students. However, most any movie/lesson can be adjusted by level providing the lesson plan takes into account the intrinsic level of the movie/lesson. For example, a teacher could apply an intermediate lesson to a high-level group of students by holding them to a higher standard of comprehension and language production (written or spoken) by adjusting the lesson plan accordingly. In other words, each lesson in MGE is a TOOL, and the plan is how you choose to apply it.

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DEDUCTUM CARMEN (Latin, "drawn-out song"): Ovid's term in Eclogue 6.3-5 for the type of poem he will create in his own poetry, in contrast with the older epic. He claims that a "modern" (i.e., imperial) poet of his day should not be writing epics, but instead should follow the example of Callimachus, in which the poem's narrative structure is drawn out in a manner akin to the way a thread is drawn outin spinning, so the story become a fine, tight thread pulled out of the original chaotic tangle of unprocessed wool (Feeney xxiii). This method contrasts with the epic, in which a single narrative focusing on kings and conquerors broadly dominates the entire poem.

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Consequently, teachers need to implement different content-area instructional approaches and methods in order to help the ELL students.

Antony: All of the above. I am calling for a seismic shift in the ratio of women in the highest seats of corporate and civic governance, and we are asking men, using myself as an example, to retreat to the interior, and to examine their seat of privilege and examine the systems of power that they are operating within, and not to take it for granted, but to dismantle it, to deconstruct it, in order to better serve their families and their communities, and even to [better] serve their own interests.