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January 6, 2016

The Three Biggest Influences Of My Life

My name is Dmitri Westfall and I'm 16 years old .

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As has been , and will become more evident, scientific orthodoxy and I do not agree on everything, far from it. Not only is mainstream science imprisoned by , as paradigm-shattering scientific findings and are ruthlessly suppressed, but all of my fellow travelers were, to one extent or another, mystical in their orientation. Their mystical persuasion had nothing to do with beliefs, studying sacred texts, or other indoctrination, but their . Brian O’Leary was a staunch advocate of . After I had , I also and witnessed many undeniable events that clearly demonstrated that the materialistic models of consciousness that dominate mainstream science rest on false foundations. Brian nearly lost his life, courtesy of the USA’s military, when he looked into the UFO phenomenon, after , and the attack shortened his life. Far more is happening than the TV news tells us.

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My Mother was a big influence on my path in life , her interests, enthusiasm and sheer joy has helped to mould the person I am.

This essay presents a , and nearly half of the events happened during the timeframe covered by this essay's first half, which includes almost the entirety of Earth's history. Humanity's tenure amounts to a tiny sliver of Earth's history, and surveying pre-human events was partly intended to help readers develop a sense of perspective. We are merely Earth's latest tenants. We have unprecedented dominance, but we are quickly destroying Earth's ability to host complex life. As my astronaut colleague openly wondered, is ? Is our path of destruction inevitable, as we plunder one energy resource after another to exhaustion? Will depleting Earth's hydrocarbons be the latest, greatest, and perhaps final instance?

My brother is the most influential person in my life

Until my lifetime, scientists thought of dinosaurs as slow and stupid, but that view has changed. In the 1970s, scientists realized that prior depictions of bipedal dinosaurs such as . Their actual posture had the tail, spine, and head all on a line largely parallel with the ground. Not until the release of did the public begin to see more realistic portrayals of bipedal dinosaur posture. That posture may have been critical for the success of dinosaurs, as becoming bipedal, with their legs in an upright position under their bodies, allowed them to overcome . Also, the notion of overcoming Carrier’s Constraint transformed the view of dinosaurs from lumbering, slow creatures to nimble runners. The dinosaur line is considered , and the first dinosaurs were bipeds. All quadrupedal dinosaurs re-evolved their four-legged stances from the original bipedal posture, which is obvious in that nearly all quadrupedal dinosaurs had rear legs longer than their front ones.

My brother is the most influential person in my ..

Similar to how reptiles found refuge in the oceans, the were originally terrestrial archosaurs and found their cooling niche in swampy margins and still do today, even though their cousins (, ) went extinct in the end-Triassic event. Crocodiles have four-chambered hearts like dinosaurs, which suggests that they may have been endotherms/mesotherms that re-evolved ectothermy to better adapt to swamp life. Only one survived the end-Triassic event for long, and in survival enclaves. It was a giant, at five meters long and 500 kilograms. Primitive amphibians could not abide the reign of crocodiles, and since the end-Triassic event, amphibians have been almost exclusively . The first salamanders and frogs may have first appeared , in the late Permian. Probably spurred by their size in an arms race with dinosaurs