Skinner was a well-published writer.

However, he began his collegiate life as an English major, and his education in literary techniques and devices clearly shows through in the manipulation of metaphor in his famous novel Walden Two.

He also has written many books on behaviorism.

The dynamics of Behaviour Therapy were first discovered by the famous researcher and psychologist B.F Skinner, through his findings on operant conditioning (Lindsley; Skinner & Soloman, 1953)....

His most important work was the study of behaviorism....

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Five years at Harvard University, Skinner studied the behavior of animals. In 1936, he moved to Minneapolis and had been working for 9 years as a professor of the University of Minnesota. Then, for more than two years, he had been the head of the department of psychology at the University of Indiana.

Skinner defines personality in terms of behavior.

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Skinner Psychologist, born in Susquhanna, Pa.

The famous works of B.F Skinner is heavily involved with behavior modification and the idea that you can condition a human being to have favorable behavioral traits....

Skinner’s entire system is based on operant conditioning.

After exchanging greeting the two engaged in a short conversation which lead Skinner into asking how much the charge of a sexual act would cost on the behave of Constable Richardson “How much do you charge..for a blow job”(R.v Skinner 6)....

Skinner had only one sibling; his brother died at the age of sixteen.

- Purposive behaviorism research papers discuss Edward Tolman study of behavior that combines traditional behaviorism with a focus on the goal of any given behavior.

Skinner lived most of his life in Susquhanna.

After strolling back and forth at 10:25 pm a gentleman named Dorman Thomas Skinner walked from Nova Scotian the hotel located on Hollis street and went forth in approaching Constable Richardson.

Skinner's parents were both good students.

Although Skinner rarely diverges from the incessant description of behavioral engineering through his mouthpiece in the novel, Frazier, he occasionally digresses from the theory and application of scientific experimentation to the literary elements that are essential to any novel....