Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706.

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One of Ben Franklin’s greatest inventions was the Franklin stove.

(Ben Franklin The Electric Franklin 1) Franklin’s expectations make his successes so much more impactful because of his ability to be a leader from a young age and represent America as a powerful nation....

Benjamin Franklin is one of them.

When most people think of Ben Franklin, they don't usually think of an athlete.

In Benjamin Franklin’s poem “Wedlock” he expresses the idea while one is married, to have pleasure with, to make the best of ones wife and not stab her in the back because most men only get one wife in a lifetime....

Short Essay on Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s entire life, which lasted almost the entire eighteenth century, was based upon order and systematic discipline in addition to his dependence on wisdom and intelligence....

Ben Franklin's Virtues Essay - 653 Words | Major Tests

In this paper we will look at Benjamin Franklin’s and Jonathan Edwards’ views of mankind by looking at personal background, religious views, and evidence in their writings.

Ben Franklin’s Virtues To many, Ben Franklin is considered a genius

Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, lends itself to be an indispensible literary work that reinforces and challenges the core values and ideals that Benjamin Franklin expresses in his Autobiography.

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The goals or the things that Benjamin Franklin did were for the whole world or the economy but the majority of the things that Douglass did deal with black people, slavery, and black rights.

You can read a wonderful introduction to Ben Franklin ..

As mentioned in Benjamin Franklin’s illustrious thirteen moral virtues, these words are among those that embody his beliefs on what virtues are required in a man to maintain admirable character.

Benjamin Franklin pioneered the spirit of self-help in America

Skemp's The Making of a Patriot explores how Benjamin Franklin tried to stay loyal to the crown while taking interest in the colonies perception and their own representation in Parliament.