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There is a well-publicized insurgent manual that speaks of the differences between American and Soviet forces in Afghanistan. During the Cold War, the insurgents were taught to target Soviet troop leaders to render the entire unit combat-ineffective. In juxtaposition, the manual discourages targeting American troop leaders as the affected unit will keep pressing forward. It is the Non-Commissioned Officers of the Army that instill and sustain the value of duty within the ranks. Thus, even the most challenging of all military doctrines – the COIN fight – can be executed and accomplished: winning hearts and minds while combating an extremely lethal enemy.

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While the Founding Fathers of this country were developing the system of government, as set forth in the Constitution, many feared that a standing army controlled by a strong central government would leave them helpless....

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The seven Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the basis of the American Army‘s modern character. Most of these can be extended and should be extended to the business world. Each Army value is tested daily in the COIN fight in Afghanistan – perhaps the most complex, personally dangerous, and nuanced modern military campaign. Without these values, an effective COIN fight could not be conducted. More than technology, grand strategy, or diplomatic initiatives, the core Army Values embedded within junior Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and junior Commissioned Officers on the ground are winning the hearts and minds – village by village, elder by elder, child by child – on a daily basis in the "graveyard of empires." It is these undefeatable values – not the sophisticated equipment or the words of the politicians or even the infusion of capital resources – that will bring peace and security to Afghanistan.

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"You won‘t know how a Soldier will react until the moment comes." Sound advice from a crusty Platoon Sergeant with whom I had the honor of serving. This Army value is ephemeral in a combat zone. Sometimes RPK machine gun rounds will wiz by and you‘ll dive for cover behind a sand berm in the middle of a wadhi in Khowst province. Other times it will be a moonless frigid fall night in the Ghazni Province and possible insurgents are advancing upon your location where an IED has just struck one of your vehicles. You will stand your ground behind a Qalot wall and deny the enemy his ambush. Insurgents can be fearless because they believe there is nothing left in life for which to live. U.S. Soldiers have courage because they believe in the Army values. Furthermore, most writers are partially accurate when they state that Soldiers have courage and serve because of their fellow Soldiers. Regardless of religious, political, economic, social, and lifestyle differences, these men place themselves in grave danger because of a shared value system – the seven core Army values. This is the one true common thread.

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After the accession to the Sardinian throne of Charles Albert, whom he always distrusted, he felt that his position in the army was intolerable and resigned his commission (1831).

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One such decision might involve whether to engage locals digging near the side of the road on a route known for the presence of IEDs. The gunner asks the Platoon‘s Lieutenant to engage; the radio traffic is filled with fear and anger. The Lieutenant, fully aware that one of his Soldiers died less than 500 meters from that location only several days prior, uses optics and detects two men digging in the road, But something doesn't feel right. It would be easy to advance, and even if these men are not insurgents, they are most likely opposition supporters. But that cannot be the answer. So, the platoon adopts a defensive posture and continues to monitor – increasing this mission‘s length and risk. Men are now more tired and stressed, but integrity must prevail. After an anxious wait, a group of women and children join the men; they gather wheat from the side of the road and all return to their Qalot home. No IED was emplaced; there was no danger to the Soldiers. The difficult decision to wait proved to be correct. Breaches of Army integrity are serious setbacks to the COIN mission and the values of the Army, however, the daily integrity successes are the path to victory in the modern COIN fight.