The American Revolution is an obvious example of this (,160).

In 1914, the World War I began; the USA was neutral until 1917 when German attacks on American merchant vessels caused by Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare began. These attacks compelled a defensive response from the American United States. Series of attacks by the American troops led by Commander General John J. Pershing forced the German government to surrender by November in 1918. In 1921, there began restriction of immigration into the USA after the Emergency Quota Act was passed.

Robert Gross's book on American Revolution, which discusses the revolution in a different light.

TheAmerican Revolution is not just another regular research topic,especially if the student is a United States citizen, and toprofessors of the United States who will be checking research papers,it is a very sensitive and sometimes a sentimental topic. Therefore,it must be very factual, and one should try their best to not takesides or put down their own opinions which might be biased in anysort or form. Lastly, for a clear understanding of the topic, itwould be helpful to visit historical libraries with actual books orspeak to history professors instead of relying solely on the internetfor facts.

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American Revolution was thefirst anti-colonial, democratic revolution in history.

One could write a research paper discussing the Battle of Bunker Hill which took place in 1775, a battle that stands out in the American Revolution. This particular battle was the first and one of the most iconic of all battles in the revolution, which makes it a good topic to write on.

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Every war and every revolution begins with differences which eventually leads to conflicts, as did this. During the mid-18th century, differences arose amongst the people; differences in thoughts and interests, and differences in lives among the growing colonies and the mother country. Local practices swayed away from the traditional British ways, and so did customs and beliefs, all these together added to the conflict. Hence topics on the differences and conflicts that started the revolution would be one of the best American Revolution research topics to work on.

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For colonists from a wide variety of classes, regions, and backgrounds all envisioned independence differently. For nearly half a million enslaved Americans in the 1760s, the Revolution offered a priceless chance for freedom, whether by escaping to fight behind British lines or by rebelling, or by petitioning legislatures for emancipation, or by gaining freedom by fighting with the Americans.

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It is clear and true that a long journey starts with a single step towards an accomplishment and success. Milestone after milestone is all that America has taken not only to achieve its dreams, but to become the most powerful nation in the world. Notably, the road to these dreams coming has not been an easy and smooth sail. Everyday America has been gradually growing and making new steps in development in terms of economy, political, social, knowledge and religion. Some of these factors took a long course term while others took just little time for their effects to be realized. Revolution is defined as a gradual process that takes enough time to a total change. Likewise, America wouldn’t have been the giant without the attributes of numerous efforts, determination and persistent nature of its people. The Americans were full of vision and willing to become a part of the dream for a better nation. Changes came along with new development and issues such as the election of Abraham Lincoln as a President in 1809-1865. His election brought the end of slavery trade that had taken roots in most parts of the world. The end of slave trade in December 1865 was among the things that marked a new dawn to American dreams. The American civil war paved way for a new era of industrialization.

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Similarly, proponents of current government policy often refer to the American Revolution and the principles of the founders to support their tactics. And when critics of patriotic sentimentalism seek to debunk the assumptions or myths of the past, they'll often point to the paradox of slavery and freedom that underlay the Revolutionary period.

For our younger readers, guess what? Many young Americans were your age when they signed up with the Continental Army and Navy, even if it was just to work as deck hands or play the drums or the fife for eight bucks a month.