Acid rain destroys millions of forests and lakes (Taylor, 26 ).

About one-fourth of the acidity of rain is accounted for bynitric acid (HNO3). In addition to the naturalprocesses that form small amounts of nitric acid in rainwater,high-temperature air combustion, such as occurs in car enginesand power plants, produces large amounts of NO gas. This gas thenforms nitric acid via Equations 4 and 5. Thus, a process thatoccurs naturally at levels tolerable by the environment can harmthe environment when human activity causes the process (e.g.,formation of nitric acid) to occur to a much greater extent.

When dealing with acid rain one must study and understand the process of making Sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid is a strong acid, so it readilydissociates in water, to give an H+ ion and an HSO4-ion (Equation 7). The HSO4- ion may furtherdissociate to give H+ and SO42-(Equation 8). Thus, the presence of H2SO4causes the concentration of H+ ions to increasedramatically, and so the pH of the rainwater drops to harmfullevels.

You may be wondering what acid rain is.

With all the talk of acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion it seems hopeless, but it isn't.

Understanding these things help leaders make better decisions about how to control air pollution and therefore how to reduce or even eliminate acid rain.

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More confusing than all of the facts and scientific theories surrounding acid rain is the development of a suitable solution to reduce air pollution, which in turn leads to acid rain....

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Though the term “acid rain” has been present in our society since the early 1970’s, many people are not exactly clear on what it is what causes it, and the detrimental effects acid rain has on our environment.

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Acid rain is currently a subject of great controversy because of widespread environmental damage, for which it has been blamed, including eroding structures, injuring crops and forests, and threatening or depleting life in freshwater lakes....

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Throughout this report an explanation of the devastating effects to the environment caused by acid rain will be given along with what is being done to stop it.

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As one of the major results of air pollution, acid rain can corrode metal and limestone structures, leach important minerals, decreased fertility of soils, and lower pH in lakes and ponds....

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Caused by air pollution, acid rain's spread and damage involves weather, chemistry, soil, and the life cycles of plants and animals on the land and from acid rain in the water.