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Coetzee furthers his analysis of torture in his more recent novel, Diary of a Bad Year, and explores how Americans should respond to the shame and the dishonor of the torture involved in the “war on terror.” The rhetoric of exception within both books displace the...

I don’t have rules for what I put in my diary, but I try to write every day.

Once you complete an instrument you will produce a diary entry related to the results from the instrument.
A thematic approach to selecting the instruments from the Northouse text book will most impressive. In short, provide a brief statement at the beginning of the diary as to why you selected the Northouse instruments that you selected will be helpful. You will use this diary to show your ability to think as a leader and to frame your experience using the evidence from the class readings and discussions. You want to show that you understand all the concepts as they relate to your personal experiences. You may also supplement the diary with your own research.
Each diary entry should consist of between 1-2 single-spaced typed pages. Aim for the diary to consist of a total of between 6 -7 pages of your written text. Please use a 12 point Times Roman font. Please also use 1 inch margins on all margins on the page. Each diary written entry should be followed by the actual instrument that you completed. Make copies of the Northouse instruments and place those in the diary. You may also use the electronic resources that accompany the Northouse text to supplement your diary entries. Please submit the diary entry and the completed instruments with a cover page and compiled in a suitable professional binder.
My personal assessment will be agree or strongly agree in all.

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I was really struggling on what to write in my diary