14 Lovely Exotic Birds

exotic birdGuatemala Amazon parrots are a commonly traded hen species. Please be aware: Should you’re a novice chicken proprietor caring for a species of exotic you are unfamiliar with, or have encountered an issue with feeding, you must speak with an avian veterinarian or other exotic bird specialist about the right way to proceed.

An instantaneous moratorium, efficient October 23, 1992, was established on the importation of ten species of untamed birds of explicit concern that were listed in Appendix II of the Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), two of which have been moved to Appendix I on the March 1992 CITES assembly.

The next introduction was excerpted directly with minor editorializing from two Federal Register Paperwork: Importation of Unique Wild Birds Into the United States; Adding Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrots From Argentina’s Approved Sustainable-Use Administration Plan to the Accredited List of Non-Captive-Bred Species , 68 FR 46559-01, 2003 WL 21796291 (F.R.), ready by Ms. Anne St. John, Division of Management Authority, and Dr. Michael Kreger, Division of Scientific Authority, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, DC; and Importation of Unique Wild Birds to the United States; Closing Rule Implementing the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992 , fifty eight FR 60524-01, 1993 WL 468756 (F.R.), by Dr. Susan S. Lieberman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Administration Authority.

For the reason that publication of the ultimate rule of November 16, 1993, imports of all CITES-listed birds (as defined in the ultimate rule) have been prohibited, aside from (a) species included in an permitted checklist; (b) specimens for which an import permit has been issued; (c) species from countries that have approved sustainable-use management plans for those species; or (d) specimens from accepted overseas captive-breeding facilities.